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As I looked out at The Red Sunset Merchant Association members who gathered at South Miami Bank for the Annual Meeting May 11th I was amazed at the talent.

The owners of the stores and restaurants in SoMi are among the most passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable anywhere. They come from our own back yard and all over the world. Some worked in major fashion houses, the country’s largest cosmetics companies, private banking, and the finest culinary institutions, before opening businesses in SoMi. They work harder than most and wear a lot of hats. They opened in SoMi because it’s always been at the crossroads of Dade County’s greatest communities. Their expertise, and connections have created another kind of crossroads. They have created a shopping mecca while not losing the hometown feeling. As competitive as they are they know at times it’s best to work together. Now 85 members strong, The Red Sunset Merchants Association is the place where working together happens. The group’s annual meeting outlined some recent achievements and goals for the future.

First, RSMA never underestimates the power of networking. In order to work together and refer business and create opportunities we need to know one another. Like in the past, members are able to create marketing partnerships with other members by introductions at RSMA meetings. Generally the beneficiary is the shopper.

RSMA works together as government watch dogs, taking turns attending city commission meetings and making sure the needs of the downtown business district are understood by our government officials. For example this past year we were able to secure parking amnesty on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). Most recently, we kept the community abreast of developments with the permitting process for sidewalk sales.

Sales and marketing is at the heart of RSMAmission. To that end, we are close to a launch of a branding campaign that can be used in unlimited ways, a travel marketing program, including a concierge program, and consumer shopping website. These bigger marketing initiatives have been much anticipated, and their time has come.

The next meeting is June 8th at Casa Larios from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard will be on hand to answer questions and meet the merchants. The lunch is complimentary for members and $20 for non-members. Amy Donner is the President of Red Sunset Merchants Association. She can be reached online at < >.

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