SoMi Fitness – where great bodies are made

SoMi Fitness – where great bodies are made
SoMi Fitness – where great bodies are made
Owners Willie Del Sol, aka ‘Coach Willie” and Unni Greene, aka “Diet Diva”

It’s bold when a gym defines itself as the place “where great bodies are made.” When you make a statement like this, you better have the right stuff to back it up.

Six months ago when I walked into SoMi Fitness for the first time, I knew this was no ordinary gym. The parking lot was lined with tires, which was part of an obstacle training course that I admittedly didn’t want anything to do with. When I went inside, I was instantly greeted by the lovely and talented Unni Greene, aka the “Diet Diva,” and Willie Del Sol, aka “Coach Willie.” I quickly learned that these trainers are the real deal and they run a gym that is anything but ordinary.

We all know what your typical gym looks like. You see 100+ people wandering around aimlessly, stumbling between machines that they barely know how to use. I’ve been one of those people. I’ve been to those gyms, and I’ve finally found something better at SoMi Fitness.

In the 2000 square-foot SoMi Fitness training facility, everything about the place is designed to push, pull and drag you to your goal. You are assigned both a personal fitness trainer and nutritionist. After recording your weight and measuring your BMI, your licensed and certified nutrition consultant learns about your body, schedule, lifestyle and activity level in order to provide you with a meal plan tailored to your specific needs. Yes, you came here to sweat and shred the pounds, but Unni reminds you that “great abs are made in the kitchen.”

SoMi Fitness – where great bodies are made
Levi “Muscle Man” Meyer and Willie Del Sol during one of the training routine.

With a membership at SoMi Fitness, you don’t simply gain access to a gym with bells and whistles; you get private sessions with a personal trainer who guides and directs you, moving you closer to your goal with every hour-long workout. During one of these scheduled one-on-one sessions, there are rarely more than 10 people in the gym at the same time, unless there’s a class in session upstairs.

There are several trainers available. I work out with Willie, who trains several dozen people every week. Still, he seems to magically remember which muscle group we targeted in our last session, even when I forget. Willie knows my limits better than I do. When I think I am incapable, he shows me otherwise.

My muscle definition has gotten more noticeable as the weeks go by and not a day passes without Willie reminding me to follow the diet plan that Unni provided me. (I guess I’m not fooling him when I skip meals or go for late-night ice cream runs).

At SoMi Fitness, you are surrounded by people who take exercise and fitness seriously. Everyone is on a mission to accomplish a personal goal, and this gym provides a family- like environment to achieve your goals.

Don’t take my word for it. Visit SoMi Fitness and gaze upon the walls that are decorated with hundreds of photographs of people, even some very famous ones, whose bodies have been transformed by Unni, Willie and the team at SoMi Fitness.

SoMi Fitness has packages for every budget and daily classes taught by some of the best trainers in the business, including a Miami Heat dancer. There is no shortage of gyms in Miami, but if you want results and want to reach your goal weight before summer passes you by, SoMi Fitness is the place “where great bodies are made.”

Stop by for a free consultation, you won’t regret it. Of course, if you want them to kick your butt extra hard, tell them Levi sent you!

For more information, visit 6855 SW 81st St., South Miami, call 305-669-1997 or visit

Levi Meyer is a South Florida Real Estate agent at Fortune International Realty. He is a third generation Miami native with a passion for all things in South Florida and can be contacted via his website at

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