The Magic Pill

By Harold Castedo-Garcia….
Yes, it has been discovered! A pill that is proven to help you lose weight and build your desired physique is finally here. Now, before discussing the pill itself, it is important to address the side effects of taking this pill. After all, taking such a pill or any pill is a matter of serious thought. Side effects will likely include, but are not limited to: improved self esteem, more energy, sweat, muscle soreness  and in extreme cases, shortness of breath.

Considering the aforementioned side effects, are you still willing to take the pill? Before deciding, contemplate the known fact that in the world of medicine, there are a plethora of pills that have substantially more dangerous side effects. Also noting that this pill is the proven cure to obesity and many other diseases, the real question is: Why wouldn’t you take it?

The name of this pill is Diet and Exercise. Some of you may feel duped and may go on to search for a more condensed version of this pill, most of those are filled with dangerous herbs and chemicals. Many of these pills have been on the defendant’s stand in front of the FDA countless times. Others will come to the realization that diet and exercise is the only pill you need for your health and those individuals will become success stories.

So the question stands: Do you choose to take this pill?  It’s all about making the choice. Of course, there are plenty of reasons why many people believe they shouldn’t take it or that they wouldn’t benefit from it. These are the people unwilling to withstand the side effects. Many will complain before ever taking it and look for excuses anywhere they can and excuses are always looking to be found. The brutal fact though, is that if you choose not to take this pill, you will very likely wind up taking several others twice a day, every day, with a glass of water, a bad taste in your mouth, and let’s not forget the never ending scroll of side effects. Diet and exercise- It’s the magic pill! This magic pill can add years to your life and maybe more importantly, life to your years!

Harold Castedo-Garcia
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Together South Miami

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  1. Great article! There are so many fads out there that offer the promise of quick weight loss with no effort at all. With so many people falling trap to these ‘magic pill ads’ it’s always important to consider the side effects to one’s health!

  2. You'll be creative at creating all kinds of excuses not to take the pill, but once your hooked, it can get pretty addicting, especially the after effect of feeling good about yourself. :)


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