Three Officers Receive the Departments Life Saving Award


Three Police Officers from the South Miami Police Department were honored today for saving the life of a two year old little girl who was found unconscious in a swimming pool.

Police Chief Rene Landa presented Life Saving Awards to Officer Alex Hechavarria, Officer Marvin Pierre and Officer Adriane Celaya for their quick response to a medical emergency police call to a child that was found in a swimming pool and was unresponsive.   

On Monday May 29th 2017, at 1127hrs, the Miami Dade Kendall dispatcher advised officers of a medical emergency. A female was screaming for help because her baby was found in their swimming pool. Corporal Hechavarria was assigned the call and Officers Pierre and officer Celaya responded as back up. Officer Pierre was the first unit to arrive on the scene and at that time, the unresponsive two year old was already out of the pool. Officer Pierre began chest compressions on the victim. Officer Celaya arrived shortly after and without hesitation began performing rescue breathing on the child. Officer Celaya was able to turn the child and gave her a couple of “back blows” to help clear the water from her lungs. The child was then turned back over so that CPR could be resumed. Corporal Hechavarria then arrived on scene and took over the recue breathing while Officer Celaya held the child’s head back to ensure air flow. The child was turned back over for additional “back blows” and CPR continued. Miami Dade Fire Recue arrived on scene and performed a quick assessment of the child. They determined that the child had a pulse and was breathing.

Additional units arrived on scene and assisted Miami Dade Fire Recue in having a clear expeditious route to Baptist Hospital by clearing traffic at intersections. After spending over a week in the hospital, the child made a full recovery. If not for the immediate response and actions taken by the officers involved, there could have been a detrimental outcome.

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