A roar, a touchdown, a doll and a picture frame shop

A roar, a touchdown, a doll and a picture frame shop

Owner Adam Brand (left) is pictured working with staff at Frames USA & Art Gallery.

What do The Lion King, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and My Size Bride Barbie Doll have in common with Frames USA & Art Gallery? They’re all celebrating their 20th anniversary.

It might seem a bit odd comparing these three completely different things to a frame shop, but they may have more in common than you think.

One question some might ask is how has a frame shop had so much success for 20 years? Adam Brand, owner of Frames USA & Art Gallery simply states that aside from great customer service, low prices and exquisite craftsmanship, his secret is being able to deliver the product in 30 minutes.

“Having the staff large enough to be able to do this 30 minute framing is a big help, too,” Brand said.

Traditionally, consumers place orders at picture frame shops where the process takes anywhere from two to six weeks to fulfill. Many people pay good money for their custom creations. Frames USA & Art Gallery builds custom picture frames in 30 minutes at a far less cost than most framing retailers.

Brand also said, “Having in stock molding in every shape, size and color makes it easy to fit customer’s art, photo, pictures or memorabilia in the perfect frame is another advantage.”

After talking to Brand, it becomes clear that having the right staff that is knowledgeable in cutting glass, cutting mats and joining molding to create a perfect picture frame, is a big part of that 20-year success.

“My staff has years and years in the art and framing industry. Knowledge of building everything from shadow boxes to floating diplomas is any everyday staple of my shop’s production.”

Brand has received many awards one of them being the Business Champion Award from Chamber South. His store constantly is being asked to help out in community affairs and they jump at every chance to make it happen.

“We have supported everything from politics to animals and picture framing for all the above,” Brand said.

His store has raised thousands of dollars for charities across Miami that range from children’s charities and schools, to cancer awareness charities and parent activist groups.

Finally, The Lion King, the Jacksonville Jaguars, My Size Bride Barbie Doll all share their 20th anniversary, yet only Frames USA can put any of these items into one of their amazing frames. Disney items are not rare in the store and parents are almost always wanting to frame Disney-themed characters or pictures for their children’s rooms.

If you never framed your wedding day photo or your college diploma, stop by the experts of Frames USA & Art Gallery, located at 6822 SW 40 St., and give them a try.

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