And so… it begins

The battle line lines have been drawn and it’s off to the races.Yup, the city election is coming up next month. First day at polls is Feb. 8 and then you can vote for the yahoo of your choice on Feb 11th. Of course, lots of folks cast the votes via absentee ballots which always proves quite intriguing.

So, let’s see, who is in the beauty contest:

Currently, our fearless leader is Mayor Phil Stoddard and Commissioner Valerie Newman would love to send him packing and have him leave with his tale sagging between his legs. And to add a little bit of intrigue, civic activist Rodney Williams, who originally filed to run against Commissioner Wally “The Dude” Harris, jumped into the mayor’s race on the last day of eligibity. This should be a lot of fun to watch.

Next race: Horace Feliu who served the city in many capacities, including as a commissioner, a vice mayor and a mayor for a couple of terms, decided to run against Wally “The Dude” Harris who has come to the end of his first term.

And then there is one more seat and two folks who want the job. Donna Shelley, who has been knocking on doors and talking to folks for a while and Gabriel Edmond who ran two years ago, but got shutdown. However, you got to give it to the guy, as he has stayed active in the city since his defeat and that’s a trait to be admired.

Just wondering out loud, what kind of nonsensical political rhetoric is going to be spewed during the next couple of weeks. Although, so far, it seems as though everyone is behaving themselves. But and that’s a big one at that, word is that the nasties are going to spread out across the town. Sounds like all the words, stories, ads, flyers, post cards, brochures, internet ads, Facebook and Tweeter stuff will all be taken from public records. Golly gee, does anyone even know what that could be? Hmmm… One of our totally unreliable and occasionally squirrely sources, tells me that one letter, which is public record, just might be mailed to everyone. I’ve read the pubic document and I’ve never seen anything like it. Your eyeballs will fall out of your head and your breath will be taken away. No kidding.

We have chosen not to publish that letter, but with all the ways to share information via email, texting, websites, Facebook, twitter and more, I’m pretty sure that sooner or later, you will have an opportunity to read it for yourself.

Tell me it ain’t so! A little birdy has told me that there just might be a little election eve surprise, something to do with a foreign exchange student. Can’t give out any more information, cuz I’m sworn to secrecy, but as soon as I can, you’ll read about here.

Seen around town were Alexa Almazan and family at Deli Lane and sitting nearby none other than Wayne Brackin from Baptist Health. And yes, he was there enjoying himself having lunch with some other folks in the health field. And no, they were not from the “Other Hospital” in town, which is Larkin, which by the way, has been really rockin and rolling in the health, medical and teaching arenas. Check ‘em out on Facebook. And seen at Casa Larios: Chip Black, Tom Byrne, Dale Mobley and Levi Meyer, all of them happen to be in the real estate business.

And let’s see… Hmm Dr. Juan Blanco, the dentist was there and so was personal trainer, Angelo Bosques. (The last items were provided by

Thought of the Day:

Love your enemies just in case your friends turn out to be a bunch of bastards. — R. A. Dickson

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