Art Festival brings smiles and money to the city

Art Festival brings smiles and money to the city

Rabbi Levi Freeman (left) from the Chabad at FIU spends a moment with Vice
Mayor Josh Liebman and his mother, Martha at the Shops of Sunset.

The recently held Annual South Miami Rotary Art Festival brought thousands of folks to Sunset Drive to look in amazement, at the artwork that was brought to town from all over the country. (See photos inside).

As I watched from my favorite vantage point, Starbucks, the beautiful people parade seemed to go on and on and saw lots of people carrying their purchases (Hurray) with big and happy smiles on their faces.

Saw South Miami’s own “The Red Head” who didn’t look like she was shopping for artwork, but nevertheless was there probably looking to find some problem to complain about.

Oh my goodness, I didn’t mean that.

Anyway, Sharon is up and at ‘em, as well as lots of other people who are fedup with city hall and are looking forward to the next election, which is in 11 months.

Maybe the voters will say, “We’ve had enough” and get rid of those at city hall who are responsible for the worst city commission that we have had in many years.

For those who are wondering who is on the chopping block in February, that would be: The seat presently occupied by the mayor and two commission seats, presently occupied by Valerie Newman and Wally Harris.

I’m just wondering if the voters are fed up enough to get off their “buts” and find some high quality candidates that will bring back some honor to city hall? So, speak to your neighbors and friends and get going as time is a passing and the election will be here in a jiffy.

And can you imagine this: There is going to be a “Thinking about Running?” (for political office) Workshop on March 22 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Yes, you can learn all about it at this event, which is brought to you by “The Good Government Initiative.”

Some of the guest speakers include City of Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez, Former Miami Dade Commissioner Katy Sorenson, Key Biscayne Mayor Frank Kaplan, Congresswomen Frederica Wilson and several campaign consultants, as well as former State Senator Dan Gelber. If you are even thinking about running, this one day event just might help you, one way or the other, decide which way to go. According to some folks it’ll help you figure out why you want to run, help you plan your fundraising strategy and connect with other political figures.

For more information email: or find them on Facebook.

And speaking of election. I hear that there is probably going to be a recall election aimed at Commissioner “Bobble Head” Welch. Wish them good luck with that.

Some folks have told me that Commissioner Newman just might run for the mayor’s seat and if she won, she would finally get rid of the thorn in her side. That would be a neat battle to watch, wouldn’t it?

Speaking of the mayor who spends so much time going after the Police Chief Orlando Martinez de Castro, that it seems as though he has forgotten that he is supposed to lead, not go on a search and destroy mission.

The mayor ought to just move on and let the city manager do his job and deal with whatever the baggage the police chief may or may not have.

There were plenty of rumors that city hall is filled with bugs and who knows, maybe it is, and we’re not talking about the kind that you can kill by stomping on them.

We’re talking about the kind that records your movement and voice. Most folks already know that city hall has lots of video cameras all over the place and that the chambers are filled with cameras and audio that enables the city to stream meetings onto Channel 77 for all to see.

The question at hand is the secret “bug” at city hall recording more intimate conversations between staffers and coworkers and or the public. Does anyone know for sure, cuz I sure don’t?

Tought of the Day: A man who trusts nobody is apt to be the kind of man nobody trusts.

— Harold Macmillan

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