Bang, bang… and bang, bang, bang!

Yup, that’s what a 78-year-old grandmother heard on a recent Saturday night, sitting in her living room, minding her own business when the gunshots reverberated, loud and clear. After a few more “Bangs!” she crawled under a table at her apartment in Lee Park on S.W. 68 St. to take cover, lying flat on the floor til’ the coast was clear. Folks, can you imagine that happening just four short blocks from City Hall and the Police Station?

There’ s more. A junior high student told me (shuddering and shaking a bit) that on that same Saturday night, he heard about 10 shots fired and took to running as fast as he could in the opposite direction. Story is that there was some sort of altercation or drive-by shooting at the corner of SW 68 St. and 59 Pl. that made its way over to the Lee Park condos, just across the intersection. Gotta tell ya’, it’s a sad day when grandma has to hit the floor under a table and a youngster flees in fear, both wondering where the next shots may land.

But wait, there’s more. About two weeks ago, right in the middle of downtown South Miami, pistols were out and shells went flying amidst the City of Pleasant Living.

“Help us” are the operative words that permeate the fabric of good people who work and live amidst the shooting sprees.

So, OK city leaders, what are you doing about free-wheeling, gun-toting dudes running wild in our “protected” city streets and neighborhoods?

And speaking of running wild, civic activist Dick Ward posted something very insightful on Facebook, an excerpt printed right here for you to ponder:

I find it strange that the South Miami city commission can take big steps at building a new city hall, but take over 10 years and still nothing on Madison Square. Commissioner Edmond can see what a waste of money this project is. I think the rest of the commissioners and the mayor just want to get their names on some bronze plate before they get voted out of office. (See Letter to the Editor)

The wife and I are having the time of our lives with our nine-month-old grandson. I now can sing from memory Three Blind Mice, Bingo Was His Name- O, The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round, and If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands, and many others. Lots of fun and great times for us graying souls. We are so happy to be part of his life and many, many thanks to daughter Lauren, and son-in-law Levi, for bringing Benjamin into our lives.

Our son, Jeff, a recent MBA grad from Washington University, also doing just fine, (Thanks for asking). He recently spent time in Miami with his grandfolks, and, of course, his parents and his nephew. Oh and yes: the obligatory family photo session went well and our snaps will be forever cherished. Thank goodness for Photoshop!

Thought of the Day:
Never allow someone to be your priority, while allowing yourself to be their option.
— Unknown

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