Corpo Yoga celebrates two year anniversary with a full house

Students practice in the studio during the two year anniversary party

Cybele Chamas was busy traveling 75 percent of her time. Originally from Sao Paolo, Brazil, she had put her finance degree from the University of Miami and MBA from FIU to work and become a successful corporate executive. Then she got pregnant and everything changed.

Chamas decided to slow down and mindfully turn onto a new path. She transformed her life-long passion for yoga into a successful local business. Corpo (Latin for body) Yoga recently celebrated their two year anniversary with an open house event at the 9030 SW 72 Court location. It was a day full of live music, yoga classes, special wellness give a ways, food, and the donations from raffle tickets all went to benefit the not for profit association Family Research Center.

“This is a dream come true. I spent many years in the corporate world working in telecommunications. When I got pregnant in 2007 I thought, what am I going to do next?” said Chamas. “I kept asking myself, what is it that I really love and have been consistent and passionate about my entire life, and it was yoga.”

The downtown Dadeland location is a traditional yoga studio. “Yoga is originally from India and thousands of years old. It is the most ancient practice of self-improvement still alive today. The postures or ‘asanas’ were intended as a way to stretch the body and improve flexibility to make meditation easier,” said Chamas.

All 15 instructors have their Yoga Teacher Training Certification and present each class with a holistic point of view that includes sharing a spiritual message in a calm relaxing setting for the entire mind-body experience. Although there are different styles, instructors all share the same common ground according to Chamas.

“We have three distinct styles that vary although each shares a commonality. Vinyasa is a moderately paced class where the movements will vary. Anusra has an emphasis on alignment. Ashtanga is a very physically challenging class that always has the same primary sequence of movements.”

The spiritual component of the practice is to “open your heart and forgive yourself,” said Chamas. The idea of being kind to yourself is a central focus of Chamas’ work. With today’s intense multi-tasking and busy work and family environments, Chamas sees the advantages of yoga as beyond the physical. “It is as also a chance to escape the hustle and bustle to recharge.”

Chamas stresses that Corpo Yoga is a family studio welcome to children. “Not only is it a great way to release toxins, tone, and relax, it is also good for people with injuries and children. Kids are stressed out these days. For them it is a non-competitive environment that helps with self-esteem. They understand the meaning of breathing. Sometimes during shavasana (deep relaxing meditation) they will end up falling asleep because they are so relaxed, it’s so adorable.”

Although the anniversary celebration was on a rainy Saturday it did not seem to keep anyone from being present. “I woke up at 4am to get ready for the anniversary and saw the weather and was concerned. Then I realized that everyone who needed to be here will be here and so it is. It’s a beautiful day and I am grateful.” To find out more about Corpo Yoga visit or call 305-582-7772.

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