Dr. Velma Palmer Pens First Book, Untold Miracles


Dr. Velma Palmer, author of Untold Miracles

Dr. Velma Palmer, author of Untold Miracles

Untold Miracles: An Undeniable Memoir of Faith chronicles the trials and tragedies that life often doles out and how one woman, Dr. Velma Palmer, remedied and survived those challenges through her deeply held faith in God and the sheer strength of her will.

Dr. Palmer, educator, counselor, politician and now author, has launched a book in what she envisions will become the first in a series of inspirational works. Dr. Palmer, who served for eight years as Commissioner for the City of South Miami, has been an educator for over 35 years. Recently she has started a new venture as a Life Coach with her business, VMP Group with an office in South Miami’s Mobley building.

Born the second of eleven children, she was raised in the parish of Saint Mary, Jamaica, West Indies. In 1985, she along with her husband Matthew and children, Ann, Rick and Alli immigrated to the United States. Dr. Palmer and her husband are also ordained ministers in the Church of God Prophecy. 3

Untold Miracles is designed to demonstrate how the power of faith can sustain us through the most unexpected and unfathomable experiences. The author’s faith is inspired by her religious conviction and her highly developed sense of who she is as a person. In the telling of her awkward relationship with her mother and her somewhat idyllic life in the Jamaican countryside as a young girl living with her maternal grandparents, Dr. Palmer reveals much about her moral fiber. This sound base that is a combination of intelligence, emotional toughness and religious conviction is what sees her through a series of difficulties, any one of which had the potential to defeat her.

Episodically arranged, Untold Miracles moves through time, recounting tragedies such as the brief but agonizing disappearance of her son Rick in Miami; the near drowning in the waters off the shore of Crandon Beach Park of her daughter Ann; and the serious injury and the prolonged recovery of her beloved husband Matthew. Among the trials of her life, Dr. Palmer highlights the triumphs as well—everything from celebrating Jamaica’s independence in 1962, to her steadfastness while serving in a rather chaotic political environment, to the awarding of her doctoral degree. Accompanied by verses from the Bible and lyrics from favorite hymns, Untold Miracles is written with the lilting cadence of the author’s Jamaican “voice.” Family pictures and “Struggles,” an original poem by Dr. Palmer, are to be enjoyed in this work, too.

The public is invited to attend a book-signing event at the First United Methodist Church on Red Road, Coral Gables on June 8, 2013 at 3:00p.m. For more information, please contact Dr. Palmer at 786-208-9718 or email her at <aspiration302@gmail.com>.

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