Fitness Together big winners are losing weight, gaining confidence

By Nancy Eagleton….

A look back when the contest began, back row, l-r: Fitness Together owner Scott Baumann, winners Sara Khan and Chris Fritzius, and Fitness Together owner Eddie Rodriguez. Front row, l-r: Winners Bea Rosabal and M. Lisette Rebibo, holding baby Leah.

The nude beach at Haulover is calling new mom M. Lisette Rebibo, one of the winners of the Fitness Together 2011 Resolution Makeover challenge. After losing more than ten pounds and five inches from her waist, Rebibo said she is well on her way to “feeling better about getting naked again” and is making plans to head to the nude beach with her husband, minus her swimsuit and the extra pounds.

“My goal is to lose 15 pounds by the end of the contest and continue to lose until I reach my goal of 20 pounds,” she said.

Rebibo is just one of the fabulous four contest winners who embarked on this Fitness Together makeover journey nearly eight weeks ago. Each week, the group has received three free training sessions with Fitness Together personal trainers, Nutrition Together counseling and a healthy dose of motivation and support.

Healthy meals in the right proportions, a big component when it comes to slimming down, have been delivered five days a week by Healthy Cuisine. “The food has been great and the meals have reminded me of what proper portions look like – meal sizes that I used to eat before my pregnancy,” said Rebibo.

Biggest winner Chris Fritzius has lost more than 25 pounds – and still counting. So, what’s his secret? No secret, just hard work and true grit.

“Chris is a great example of the more you put into it, the more you get out of it,” said Scott Baumann, owner of the Fitness Together studios in South Miami and Coconut Grove. “He’s committed to eating healthy. He trains hard and goes all out during his workouts. He’s done all the right things and it shows in his results.”

When describing his success, the modest Fritzius said that he is just following instructions. “I do what my trainer tells me to do,” he said. “I do the extra hour of cardio every day and now I’m jogging four miles a day. I’ve never, ever been a runner.”

His trainer at the Coconut Grove studio, Gabriel Lamas, said that Fritzius’ success is a “synergy of healthy eating, weight training and cardio workouts.”

Bea Rosabal is happy to report that she is down one dress size and is “pinning clothes to keep them on.” Describing her weight loss, she said, “It’s great to be on the way down, not on the way up.”

MAST Academy student and athlete, Sara Khan, was hoping to gain strength and endurance for her sport, water polo. Mission accomplished. “I’ve really enjoyed the workouts,” said Khan. “I have a lot more energy now and don’t get winded during practice.”

As the eight weeks come to a close, these winners look forward to the final contest perks – what Baumann calls the “rock star” treatment – personal style consultations, new outfits and new hair styles.

Kim Rodriguez of KR Personal Style will help the group update their look at The Dressing Room in South Miami, Emporium in Coral Gables and Unika in Coconut Grove. Jill McAllister at Hair Revue in Kendall will provide the crowning touch – haircuts and style – making the foursome picture perfect for the “big reveal” scheduled for next week.

Baumann hopes this makeover contest inspires and shows others that you canmake a big difference in eight weeks. “When you commit to losing weight and eating healthy, it helps to have guidance, motivation and support,” he said. “Make your plans public so your friends and family can support you and cheer you on.”

Or in this case – the entire community.

Stay tuned for the “big reveal” in the coming weeks. For more information, visit or call Fitness Together in South Miami, 5879 SW 73 Street, 305-665-3694; or Fitness Together in Coconut Grove, 3333 Rice Street, 305- 648-2202; or go online

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  1. I guess at a nude beach, there’s no hiding anything! Whatever is your motivation, having a goal is the first step to getting there. Other wise you’ll end up wandering aimlessly in circles.

    If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t be able to keep track of your progress and you’ve got almost no chance of getting there. Plan ahead, break it down into bite sized chunks and don’t think about it, just go for it!
    Get fit, have fun!

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