FPL Upsizing Power Lines in South Miami – 62 Ave & 64 Street


The upsizing of power lines along 62nd avenue is slowly working it’s way across and around 64th street. Many residents are concerned that the increase in power due to greater demands will create a greater health threat.

Aside from what many are seeing as a health issue, the ominous upsizing will undoubtedly affect home and commercial property values in the area.

Approximately 9 years ago, I was quoted as saying that the city needed to plan for burying the lines along US-1, as well as, key locations throughout the city, remembers that his statements were met with opposition.

It would have been politically expedient to go on the FPL attack and lawsuit mode, but I placed the long term benefits of our citizens first. As we know, neighboring cities like Coral Gables and Miami have negotiated burial of power lines along US-1. Sadly, we South Miami taxpayers have been left holding the bag paying for failed litigation strictly for political grandstanding purposes.

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