Great Outdoor Attractions To Visit In South Miami

One of the greatest aspects of South Miami is its tremendous weather, and it seems like a shame to stay cooped up in a hotel room or anywhere indoors when the sun is shining. Luckily, visitors to South Miami have a long list of great options for enjoying the outdoors.

Before spending a day outdoors, it’s a good idea to eat something. Of course, it’d be nice to experience Miami’s famous sunshine while eating, and there are a few great restaurants in South Miami that give patrons the chance to enjoy great food along with the city’s great weather. Top choices include Crepe Cuisine for breakfast and Cafe Pastis for lunch. These restaurants are within walking distance of shops or parks, so they’re a great option for South Miami residents and tourists.

A.D. Barnes Park is another great place to visit. Although it’s about two miles outside of South Miami’s small area, it’s still close by and features a great area for picnicking, walking or running as well as a public pool. Miami summers can get hot, so access to a good pool is a definite must for any visitors to the area. A.D. Barnes Park is a perfect way for an entire family to cool down.

Other great parks include Murray Park and Brewer Park, both of which fall inside of South Miami. These parks offer basketball courts, handball courts, a flag football field (in Murray Park) and much more. Visitors should bring their own equipment and inquire about rental fees.

On a great day, tourists might consider a tour by air courtesy of Helicopters Over Miami, a local company that provides breathtaking helicopter rides (for a fee, of course). Helicopters Over Miami provides a view of the entire Miami region that can certainly be called unique.

A trip over to Coral Gables to the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens is the ultimate way to spend some quality outdoor time near South Miami, Florida. This garden presents some of the most beautiful plant life in the world and from the nearby Everglades in particular, offering visitors a breathtaking look at the true diversity and beauty of Miami’s complex ecosystem. It’s a must-see attraction for any fan of the outdoors and anyone spending time in South Miami.

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