Is Horace Feliu headed back to city hall?

Is Horace Feliu headed back to city hall?


My sources tell me that the former South Miami Mayor, Horace Feliu has already consulted with his wife of 23 years and she is contemplating giving her approval. But I’ve been told that if she gives the nod, that he has to still take out the garbage, mow the yard and generally keep doing all the household duties that he has learned to be so good at doing .Putting aside the wife’s approval for a minute,Horace has been meeting with his team and they got the ball rolling, so to speak.

Horace, who served the city for two tears on a volunteer board, 4 years as a commissioner, 2 years as Vice Mayor and 3 terms (6 years) as the mayor, seems ready to start campaigning for the next election, which is in February.

Horace also whispered to my usually unreliable sources that there just might be a politically experienced woman that is looking to knock off Commissioner Wally “The Dude’’ Harris. That should be interesting, huh? Could you imagine, Horace as mayor, a reasonably experienced woman on the commission and recently announced commission candidate Hector Fernandez on the commission? Golly, that just might work.

Was over at Joanne’s Market, which is on SW 67 Ave., and chowed down on a custom made salad with lots of goodies, selected by yours truly and a lot of help from the nice folks with big smiles. If you haven’t been there in a while, stop on by again, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. While there couldn’t help but run into Wayne Brackin, the former South Miami Hospital CEO who now serves as a big wig over at Baptist Health on Red Road.

Is Horace Feliu headed back to city hall?


And speaking of South Miami Hospital I chatted for a moment with Javier Lichtl Hernandez, the CEO of the West Kendall Baptist Hospital at Casa Larios and of course just to round out things, couldn’t help but see Brian Keeley, the #1 top guy at Baptist Health at Deli Lane.

And not too long ago, ran into interim (I don’t want the job on a permanent basis, well maybe I do,) Steve Alexander, former city manager of Cutler Bay, at Big Cheese. Sitting nearby, but out of earshot were lots of cops. And at another table was Wilson Alvarez; THE computer guru was with a political novice looking for advice on how to promote himself on social media. And BTW, a little birdy told me that Howard Schneider, another Big Cheese connoisseur, has shed around 50 pounds. Proud of ya, Howard!

Went way out of my zip code and headed south, to Lots of Lox at 149 St and US1 and funny thing happened there. I ran into Nick Poulos one of the owners who served us an 11am favorite of the Millers. A beautiful Reuben Sandwich. To say it was good would be a huge understatement. The hot and steamy corned beef and Swiss cheese, covered with Sauerkraut and Russian dressing squeezed between two wonderful pieces of warm butter soaked rye bread did me in. Well, almost, it was actually the pickles and coleslaw topped off with some bubbly Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry soda (diet of course) got me going for the day.

Thought of the Day:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

—Albert Einstein

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