Is the honeymoon over at City Hall?

Michael-Miller-photo-210x300As usual in politics, for the first few months after an election there is a love fest amongst the members of the commission and then the stuff hits the wall. So, let’s see how long it’s been… Election was in February and right on schedule,newly elected Commissioner Gabriel Edmond was in a meeting along with the mayor and Gab,It’s been about 3 months since the election and right on time,newly elected Commissioner Gabriel Edmond, blew a cork and stormed out of a recent meeting at City Hall with Mayor Phil in hot pursuit . It seems as though the mayor was try to pacify or perhaps explain a comment that the mayor made and may have been directed at the freshman commissioner. Although we can’t get our hands on exactly what was said, it seems as though, Mayor Stoddard made an analogy between professors and students and the mayor position and compare to commissioners’ position. Our usually totally unreliable sources tell us that this reference was made when Gabriel and the mayor were bantering back and forth.

OK, so maybe the mayor did imply that Gab was the student and the THE PROFESSOR was in charge and the problem is what?

It looks like, at least on the surface that they’ve made up for a while. But if I was a betting type of guy, I would go double or nothing, that the damage is done and it’s gonna erupt again.

City attorney, Thomas Pepe, struck it rich thanks to a very generous city commission when it gave him a new three year contract at the tune of $250.000 a year. Goodness, that’s a nice round figure, isn’t it? Politicos tell me that before the next election, he’ll get an extension on that deal and then we can call him the million dollar baby. (Or maybe we can do that now)

And speaking of legal matters: The city just settled a lawsuit with one of its former police officers for around $8,000 plus an additional $9,000 more or so to his attorneys. Although its a very small amount and well worth it for the city to be done with this matter, you can count on it, that this precedent setting lawsuit and settlement just might lead the way for interesting conversation between officers across the county and beyond.

I hear that the police are back in action over at Lee Park, on SW 62 Ave. They have once again distributed the dice games and the betting crowds that pop up every so often. Some of the longtime residents have smiles back on their faces and are ready to call the cops should be gambling begin again.

And speaking of SW62nd Ave., I hear that a couple of those vacant lots, which happen to be across the street from our office, just might be the right size for one of those drug stores that keep popping up around town. My real estate buddies and are happy to see that there are many lots of medical offices opening up north of Sunset and west of US1 and SW 57 Ave.

While on the subject of development: I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen to the property at the south end of the South Miami Metro Rail Station… Hmmm. Although the county is planting some trees on it and putting in a walkway from the station to Sunset Drive and SW 59 Place, that clearly is not the best use of the property. Hmmm. Anybody got any ideas?

Mayor Gimenez getting flack for stadium deals, and gets bad news on Port Miami bond rating downgrade, with some commissioners livid at news.

The County Commission Finance Committee Chaired by County Commissioner Estephan Bovo listened for hours to county budget staff and some department directors go through their individual budgets for the coming 2013-2014 year. Where the county budget has a $200 million budget gap and efficiencies and any cost cutting is the message of the day said county staff. Strong Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez has committed to keeping taxes flat, but he has run into resistance with the commission that has questioned why so many contracts are ending up in the commissioner’s lap making many of the votes based on lobbyist’s arguments versus a straight recommendation vote supported by the mayor and his administration.

Further Gimenez, recently, has been savaged in the press over some of the deals and discussions that are going on and a new one is the public’s concern of a new Major League Soccer Stadium for David Beckham’s team and a further gaff was the new deal with the Miami Heat that was leaked prematurely and has some of Gimenez’s supporters asking what is going on with the cool former City of Miami administrator. Further the Port of Miami took a hit when its bonds, some guaranteed by the county’s general fund was downgraded and is causing a stir with commissioners. (This last item was provided by watchdogreport. net)

Thought of the Day:

The day that we fear as our last, is but the birthday of eternity.
— Sean Taylor

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