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Michael Miller
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OK, folks, now that there is one new city commissioner sitting up on the dais, it should interesting to see if a voice of reason can help redirect the craziness of the last two plus years. Some folks think that because now ex-commissioner Valerie Newman is gone and Gabriel Edmond is there, things will be better. Perhaps so say commission supporters, but pundits point out that Valerie was just one vote and that the three amigos, Stoddard, Harris and Welsh have had the majority for the last two years and they carried the commission to all its lows and highs. So, good luck to them and to the new guy.

And speaking of high, back in 2010, the city passed a resolution of support of medical marijuana which began along the lines of this:

“The City of South Miami urges the Florida Legislature and the Federal Government to decriminalize and authorize the medicinal use of marijuana,.” and it continues on… “The city respectfully requests that the President of the United States, the United States Congress and Florida Legislature expeditiously decriminalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes…”

Since then, things have progressed quite a bit and some 1 million plus voters spoke up and come November the voters of the State of Florida will have a chance to vote FOR OR AGAINST medical marijuana.

Ok, city commission, lets say this thing passes, where will the city allow marijuana dispensaries to open for business? Will they be on Sunset Drive across from City Hall and the Police Station? Or in Downtown South Miami, next to lets say a restaurant or a bank, or maybe next to a liquor store or perhaps next to a cookie store. Should be an interesting conversation, don’t ya think? Betcha it would be better to start the conversation now instead of waiting.

Can’t help but wonder if this commission, which was out-front on medical marijuana, will say NOT IN MY BACKYARD or support their 2010 decision.

And I’ll be sure to keep you posted, as long as I can get some Visine for my eyes, some freshener sprayed around my room and some strong mouthwash.

The Good Government Initiative held a Community Conversation about Marijuana Legalization: Reefer Madness or Good Public Policy at the Bank United Center at the University of Miami included Kevin Sabet, Ph.D. Directory of the Institute Policy, University of Florida, State Representative Holly Raschein District 120, Ben Pollara, Campaign Director, United For Care-People United for Medical Marijuana and Margaret Sotham, Director, South Miami Drug Free Coalition and it was moderated by Katy Sorenson, former Miami- Dade County Commission and President of the Good Government Initiative.

Folks, that’s an impressive line up of speakers and rest assured there will be plenty more meetings of this type offered by a wide range of interests throughout Miami Dade and the state in preparation to the November election.

Now back to the city commission, it should be lots of fun to see how Mayor Stoddard and Vice Mayor Wally “The Dude” Harris treat Commissioner Josh Lieibman, as he actively supported their opponents. Josh made no excuses for the circus atmosphere brought to you by Commissioner “Bobble Head” Welsh. So far it’s clear, some folks on the commission want Josh out and are not shy about their contempt for him (Feelings mutually I suppose.). Can’t wait to see how our honorable elected officials treat each other come the next commission meeting.

And in the wonderful news department, Horace & Sieda Feliu have become first time grandparents. The gift of life, Dominic, was brought to them by Danny and Sasha Feliu. Mom, baby and dad are doing just fine . And Horace has managed to survive the shock of his new title and responsibilities.

To continue with happy news, I would like to congratulate the South Miami Rotary Art Festival for another year of great local and international art right here in our backyard. Our very own Jose Bowles, attended the festival and had the pleasure of meeting several artists along with Wendy Lapidus, Festival Chair. Amongst the artists present, we found some loyal readers of the South Miami News. (See page 3).

Finally, I invite you to participate and support The 15th Annual Sponsor An Athlete 5K benefiting Special Olympics. The event will take place on Sunday, March 9, 2014 beginning at 8:00 am at Gulliver Prep, 6575 Kendall Drive, Pinecrest, FL 33156. Special Olympics Miami-Dade provides training and competition opportunities for more than 3000 athletes with intellectual disabilities who participate in a variety of Olympic-type sporting events. All costs are covered through fundraising efforts so please participate and help our local community. Registration for the race is now open at athlete-5k. Additional information about Special Olympics can be found at

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