Letter from Mayor Philip Stoddard

Mr. Miller,

In your newspaper this week, you published former Mayor Horace Feliu’s bogus accusations that I’ve promised FIU students improved grades for helping on my campaign. I had already resolved this unfounded accusation two years ago, yet you printed it in your paper with no verification.  The word “alleged” does not absolve your company from responsibility for attempts to damage to my professional reputation.

For the record:  Two years ago, a group of college students from FIU asked if they could help on my campaign and I let them.
Most of these were not my students. For the two who were registered in my classes, I hired an outside grader to evaluate their work.
Though several have asked to volunteer this year as well, I have allowed ZERO students from FIU to help with my campaign.

I demand a formal retraction to the article.

Philip Stoddard

Philip K. Stoddard
Professor                                                   305/348-0378 office
Dept. Biological Sciences                         305/348-1520 lab
Florida International University                305/348-1986 fax
Miami FL 33199  USA                              stoddard@fiu.edu
“Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.”- Einstein




For clarification purposes, the “ Letter to the Editor” to which you refer  was written by former mayor Horace Feliu  did not run in the print edition of the South Miami News. It  appeared in it’s entirety only at communitynewspapers.com

An edited version of that letter did appear in the print edition of the South Miami News.

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