Liquid Fertilizer Means Safer Water

One-Two-Tree-Logo-Clear-with-COM-2The days of paying your gardener a little extra to spread some fertilizer have changed. The State of Florida enacted new legislation that went into effect as of January 1, 2014 that requires training and licensing for all commercially applied fertilizer. If you are paying someone to apply fertilizer they need to be licensed! All technicians at One Two Tree are trained and licensed.

The new law is based on protecting our State’s valuable fresh and salt water resources.

High levels of fertilizer ingredients have been detected in a variety of our bodies of water. Fertilizers leach through the ground into our subterranean water which flows into the Everglades and eventually the ocean. Contaminated ground water run-off finds its way to water sources via storm drains. In many cases it has to do with improper application of the fertilizer and its consistency. Granular fertilizers are absorbed much less quickly than liquid.

Part of the new State law dictates that in certain areas fertilizer cannot be applied within 10 feet of a body of water. Some of our State’s Counties have banned the use and application of fertilizers during the rainy season when run-off is at its peak.

Liquid fertilizers are being promoted as one of the ways to help manage the problem.

Liquid fertilizers can be applied much more effectively and efficiently. There rate of absorption is much quicker, therefore not left to linger and wash away. One benefit of the faster absorption is the grass, plants, palms and trees being treated produces much quicker results. One of the leaders in liquid fertilization is Bio-Green, producers of a high-quality fully balanced organic product which is safe and more environmentally friendly. At a recent seminar, Bio-Green got our attention when their representative poured some of their fertilizer product in a glass and drank it to emphasize it’s safe for people and pets!

Bio-Green is the primary fertilizer that we are applying to our customers properties and with great results. It contains zero phosphorus and is totally safe for use on lawns and landscaping in close proximity to lakes, rivers, canals and the ocean…..perfect for South Florida. Liquid organics include valuable trace elements not found in synthetic granular varieties. They do not burn roots or harm beneficial microorganisms and earthworms, as well as, will not harm you or your pets!

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