Little Angels Girls Soccer team win championship

By Raquel Garcia….

Front Row: Olivia McClintock, Victoria Quimper. Middle Row: Paulina Gonzalez-Brito, Victoria Sordo, Olivia Borroto, Elisa Ramirez, Caroline Hoynack, Camila Suarez, Isabel Penin. Top Row: Coach Herb, Catherine Hoynack, Coach Carlos

When successful Miami attorney Herb Borroto starts talking about the Little Angels girls’ soccer team he coaches, the world can wait. In a recent telephone conversation with coach Borroto regarding the team’s championship win, it was comical to overhear his colleagues in the background attempting to interrupt him. “Call them back…I can’t take the call right now…I’ll get straight back…in a little bit…not now,” he replied. With that kind of devotion to his team, it is no wonder the Little Angels team of South Miami United recently completed a championship-winning season.

“Our first game with older girls competing against our pre-kinder, kinder and first graders was significant because they were a bit intimidated,” exclaimed the happy coach. “But, I kept telling them not to worry because they had all the skills and did not need the size. And…we won.”

This coach’s secret appears to be plenty of positive reinforcement and fun on the field. “At their age, coordination is limited so we do a lot of running and kicking,” said coach Borroto. “It is lots of fun and easier to teach them to kick the ball rather than try to get a ball through a hoop or whack at it with a bat. At the same time they are learning valuable team sport skills by working and playing together.”

The Little Angels began originally as the Blue Angels when Coach Borroto and his wife Milly sought out recreational after-school activities for their oldest daughter some ten years ago. “We got together with some other parents from Epiphany School, where the kids were classmates, and we were very fortunate to be able to make it happen and start the Blue Angels Girls Soccer League,” said Borroto. “Olivia loved to watch her older sister Carolina suit up for the game and here we are now with the next generation of kids. Carolina enjoys helping the Little Angels girls’ team on the field. In fact, she and many of the other original Blue Angels are still playing soccer, but now for their high school teams.”

This season, the Little Angels came in fourth out of ten teams during the playoffs and then went on to win the big title. “They made me very proud to be their coach,” said Borroto. “It was a group effort to hold on to their team determination and to not get phased out by the older, bigger girls during the playoffs. We had to beat two teams of six and seven-year olds and first and second graders and we did it. We won the championship!”

South Miami United is a not for profit sports organization operating out of South Miami Park and formerly operated by the YMCA. The South Miami United league is open to any child, ages of 4 to 16, interested in playing soccer. There are both recreational programs and competitive/travel programs where players compete with other teams throughout south Florida and the state. The recreational programs usually include a fall and spring season. Registrations take place in August for the fall season and in January for the spring season. For more details, visit

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