Local dad creates Android app, receives recognition

By Cynthia Gutierrez….

Jeffrey Austin White and daughter Isabella White, 7, go over vocabulary words before the school day begins.

Flash Card Marker Pro Android application created by a local dad has been recognized as a top educational tool by national technological, educational and health organizations, such as Mashable, eSchool News and BrainLine.

Jeffrey Austin White, president of Great White Software LLC and creator of Flash Card Maker Pro, originally made the flashcard application for his 6-year-old daughter to help her learn her first grade sight words. The Android application has since been expanded to assist users of all ages in a variety of ways including: learning new languages, practicing vocabulary, memorizing facts, organizing thoughts, or preparing for examinations.

White lives in the South Miami area (near the Red Road and Bird Road intersection) and his daughter, Isabella, attends David Fairchild Elementary.

He was employed at a software company in Miami when he found himself jobless in 2009. He created Great White Software and consulted for numerous healthcare and insurance companies such as Miami Children’s Hospital. He currently is working with Accident Fund Holdings Inc. (located in Lansing, MI) and works remotely from his Miami home.

“We are so proud to have our Android app recognized by technology leaders, educators, physicians and social media professionals,” White said. “This educational tool was made entirely with the student in mind. Its goal is to help users of all ages learn in a new and multi-sensory way. From reading to math, exams to presentations, Flash Card Maker Pro can help organize your thoughts and build your brain.”

When asked what has been the most rewarding aspect of developing the app, White replied that it is the unintended applications of this technology that are the most rewarding.

“I am surprised by the stories that I receive from the users of the flash card app. When I learn about new ways in which Flash Card Maker Pro has made a difference in someone’s life, it inspires me,” White added.

White has received stories from parents on how this application has helped their children with learning disabilities and personal accounts from firefighters, military personnel, doctors and pilots that have used the app to memorize safety procedures and operating protocols.

“I am amazed by the creativity and innovation of the users,” White said. “It drives me to think about the possibilities.”

Flash Card Maker Pro, a product of Great White Software LLC, uses advanced gesturing, tactile feedback, and Text-to-Speech technology — providing a fully interactive experience for users of all ages. This multi-sensory teaching tool was developed after months of research and uses all pathways of learning (visual, auditory, kinesthetic or seeing, hearing, touching) simultaneously.

For details, visit online at www.flashcardmakerpro.com.

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