Lots of good things happenning around the city

Lots of good things happenning around the city

The city recently recognized Officer Melvris Lopez (left) , as Courteous Officer of the month and K9 Officer Ralph
Gonzalez, Officer Charles Morejon, as well as Detective Mike Vargas being named Officer(s) of the Month.

The first thing is that the city of Doral has now taken over as the most dysfunctional city in Miami-Dade County usurping South Miami. At a recent Doral commission meeting city Manager Joe Carollo went on a three hour rant about Mayor Luigi Boria, who had tried to oust Carollo, but failed, thereby opening the opportunity for this marathon butt-kicking.

Yes sir, it was a lashing not ever seen before, at least in recent history. Lots of accusations were flying, and apparently there was enough ranting that the Herald picked up on it and did a story about a Doral towing contract and its connection to now indicted and now former mayor of Sweetwater Manny Marono.But I’ll just betcha the Herald was already working it before it became public.

The whole mess over at Doral has now placed the City of South Miami in 2nd place for most dysfunctional, malfunctional, back stabbing and overall totally messed up city in Miami-Dade County. By the way, Palmetto Bay, led by Mayor Shelly Stanczyk is in 3rd place.

But rest assured, South Miami will be like the Phoenix and rise from the ashes. And take back over the top spot.

Want to know why the city will soon take over the number one spot? It’s cuz the city is currently being (mis) lead by Phil Stoddard, who is pretending to be the mayor and there is Commissioner Wally Harris who follows along like a lost puppy. Of course there is “Bobble Head” Walsh, the commissioner who is having the time of his life, meddling and peddling around time and all three of them actually get paid from the city.

The other two, Commissioner Valerie and Vice Mayor Josh (I’m still learning) Liebman, both of whom are headed in opposite directions and at this point are harmless.

In February, the citizens of South Miami will have an opportunity to get rid of the mayor and Commissioner Wally and since Commissioner Newman has chosen not to run, there are three spots that are ready for new leaders.

Cops galore over at Lee Park Condo’s! Several of the long time residents have told me that the cops are doing walk-thru’s quite frequently and the increased police presence has cut down on the loitering and pot smoking.

And speaking of cops. Can’t wait till the rest of the story about the funny business that has been outlined in The Herald about mayors in Homestead, Sweetwater and Miami Lakes makes it way to our little City of Pleasant Living. I’m not saying that there was any funny business at all from anyone in or around South Miami, but wouldn’t it be fun if there were.

And speaking of fun. I ran into Michael Raley, Diane Schiller and Georgia Tait over at Big Cheese the other day.

The three of them were chatt’en it up and having a great time while having lunch.

Couldn’t help but notice that the Big Cheese is also a favorite hangout of lots of folks from South Miami Hospital and the administrative office of Baptist Health. It was not too long ago, I saw Wayne Brackin, one of the top guys over at Baptist, sitting in the back room, reading a copy of his favorite newspaper while eating one of his favorite foods in the whole world… Hmm.

And sitting nearby were no less than seven of South Miami’s Finest, golly if only I was a fly on the wall.

Is time again to start thinking about South Miami’s Parade of the Elves. Yup, the annual event takes place on Sunday, Dec. 8 at 2 p.m., right there on Sunset Drive. And gee wiz, I can’t figure out how the city got this done, but my holiday hat is tipped to them for getting Ron Magill to be the Parade Grand Marshal. And I gotta tell ya, that’s a big deal. So, congrats to the city for getting him aboard and a bigger thanks to Ron for helping us bring in the holiday spirit.

Temple Beth Or on SW 87 Ave. is holding its Holiday Gift Bazaar on December 11 from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Lots of your favorite art, jewels, pottery, plants and more will be there provided by some very creative vendors.

And speaking of vendors, if you have some really neat stuff that you would like to bring to the Bazaar, just call Rhoni at 305-253-4155 as there are a few spots left at some really affordable prices.

On a solemn note, Hector Varela, who was a man among men recently passed away. Hector, was a proud author and was particularly proud of the novel that he wrote Affinity for Trouble: A Puerto Rican Story which was a story about a boy growing up in Puerto Rico during the ’40s and ’50s.

I met Hector a while back while he was serving on the community council in West Kendall. He stood up for us, Horse Country folks, many, many times and the developers knew that his position was to “Help Keep Horse Country Green” and he did oh so often. One time that sticks in my mind is when he bellowed out… “The line is drawn! No more development in Horse Country.” Hector spoke his mind and I am thankful for what he did for us in Horse Country. Well done Hector and now you can rest in peace.

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