McCain meeting ban dropped by Stoddard

By Kimberly Porter….
Mayor Philip Stoddard has apologized to Sharon McCain for an attempt to ban her from city meetings, after receiving legal advice that such decisions were limited to assemblies at which he was the presiding officer.

A letter from Stoddard delivered by police to McCain would have banned her from any city meeting as well as her entry on City Hall grounds for 30 minutes, both before and after such sessions were held.

Stoddard informed Commission members March 15 that after amending his letter on March 10, he altogether rescinded the document March 13, noting citizens cannot be banned for past behavior.

“I stand corrected,” declared Stoddard. “From this point forward we will take incidents of behavior as they come.” He thanked Vice Mayor Valerie Newman for protesting his action that would have violated McCain’s first amendment rights.

“I don’t agree with what she does,” said Newman. “I don’t agree with how she acts and most of the time, I don’t agree with what she says but I disagree with her indefinite banning. A fifth grader would know that’s against her constitutional rights.”

Quoting a scientific study on reactions to sleep deprivation, Stoddard said “It’s been a little difficult sleeping at home [since a home burglary]. I may have taken a more extreme temperament than I usually would have.”

During public remarks, McCain said she believed she and the Mayor were ‘okay now’ but referring to the letter’s delivery, said she “would like to know where in the city code it says the police department can knock on my door and try to deliver mail for five to six days? I find it an abuse of the police department for the Mayor to use them as a personal postal service.”

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9 Comments on "McCain meeting ban dropped by Stoddard"

  1. Bill Edwards | March 23, 2011 at 4:58 pm | Reply

    Though I voted for Stoddard, I have to admit I made a huge mistake! I should have taken the time to separate his campaign fiction from facts. At least Feliu never made an ass of himself by coming up with a stupid anti First Amendment letter only to have to eat his words. Funny how Stoddard who doled out a lucrative contract (at taxpayer expense) for a police chief is the victim of a home robbery. Stoddards list of excuses will range from sleep depravation to low blood sugar levels but never the correct one……stupidity!

    Old & Tired South Miami Taxpayer

  2. And he is an FIU professor?….. They must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel.


  3. He cannot even be honest enough to admit he was wrong.
    He has to come up with a bs "I was suffering from sleep deprivation" excuse.
    Here is a man who will gladly blow off a citizens constitutional rights because they annoy him and he's cranky because he didn't get enough sleep.
    Another great example of Miami Politics and politicians.

  4. No wonder Stoddard's wife uses her maiden name…. I would be embarassed too.

  5. Lawsuits? The city is swimming in them. They have had to fire everybody just to pay the legal bills.

  6. -Yes but notice that everyone they fired is black . I heard there is another discrimination lawsuit being filed.

  7. keep it up Sharon | March 25, 2011 at 4:30 am | Reply

    Sharon is the reason I watch Channel 77 every other Tuesday night. We sit around and place bets on how long it will take her to make one of the commissioners or the mayor go crazy. Sharon ought to be able to make some money off her act, don't you think

  8. Yvonne Beckman | March 26, 2011 at 11:24 am | Reply

    I too expected more from Mr. Stoddard . Especially in the realm of leadership and judgment. He seems to be the summit of arrogance and is romanced by all the special interests, just like the rest of them. Quickly after the election he forgot who he is suppose to serve. Sharon, please don't change a thing. You speak for many of us. Based on the results of the referendi, your remarks are not outlandish but quite mainstream. Unfortunately Mr. Stoddard does not want to hear about that.

  9. bill stephens | April 3, 2011 at 2:24 pm | Reply

    Might as well as blamed it on the full moon.. he was tired??? Would have been better off just saying he was frustrated

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