Medical Marijuana – A new business opportunity?


Thomas Quigley and supporters

A few months back, the Florida Cannabis Coalition was created by Thomas Quigley to serve as a “network and business-consulting group for Florida’s medical cannabis community, providing a central touch-point for credible professional services, strategic guidance, planning and resources.”

In April, about 100 people joined Quigley in Ybor City, Tampa to hear more about the potential business opportunity. Quigley had several guest speakers, including lawyers, real estate professionals, investors and a cultivation and distribution specialist. The event focused on Education, Motivation and Consultation. “We will help you navigate through it. We are here to provide you some education, some motivation and some consultation,” added Quigley.


Brad Weinstock

One of the most important points of the event was that the business opportunities are endless and are not limited to growers and dispensaries. There are many marijuana-related industries including solar panel installation, clothing lines, irrigation and more, Quigley said. Brad Weinstock, a Cultivation and Distribution Specialist, was present and spoke about the process of breeding and cultivating different strains. He has been cultivating marijuana since 1980 and developed one of the first strains of Northern Lights in Minneapolis.

As we get closer to November, more people will be asked to participate in the debate about marijuana but more importantly, more investors will be exploring medical marijuana as a new business venture. For now, Florida continues to be one of the strictest states in the country in terms of marijuana laws, said local criminal defense attorney Jason Sammis.

The Florida Cannabis Coalition is a group of like-minded business executives and entrepreneurs that see huge growth potential in the Cannabis sector. If you would like to get involved or get more information about the business opportunities, visit


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