One doctor, one location – complete care for women

Carlos M. Verdeza, M.D., provides women with a variety services, helping them achieve their health, wellness and body image goals.

Carlos M. Verdeza, M.D., provides women with a variety services, helping them achieve their health, wellness and body image goals.

Carlos M. Verdeza, M.D., P.A., Cosmetic Surgery, Anti-aging & Gynecology Center is the newest tenant in One 7000 Place, located on southwest 62 Avenue in South Miami. Dr. Verdeza specializes in treating the whole woman. He provides comprehensive gynecological services, the latest surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments and anti-aging and metabolic medicine therapies in his state-ofthe- art private office.

Dr. Verdeza joins 30 premiere medical professionals in One 7000 Place who provide the community with healthcare services in a variety of specialties. He reports that his patients are enjoying the amenities of the new location, which include convenient location, covered parking and a newly renovated lobby and elevators. Dr. Verdeza’s updated space on the building’s penthouse floor has a warm and welcoming atmosphere for patients.

Dr. Verdeza treats women of all ages during all stages of life. The many services he offers under one roof saves women valuable time, so they can take proper care of themselves. He performs general gynecological exams and gynecological surgeries, as well as laparoscopic surgeries. He treats cervical diseases, and symptoms of menopause. And when a woman requires follow-up to a mammogram, Dr. Verdeza performs open breast biopsy or needle aspiration.

“I am able to offer these services to my patients rather than referring them to a breast surgeon,” said Dr. Verdeza. “It’s nice for women to build a relationship with a physician and have continuity in treatment. It’s also important for them to feel comfortable. My patients become like family.”

This philosophy is at the heart of Dr. Verdeza’s practice. Many of the cosmetic and anti-aging treatments he provides require good doctor/patient communication and trust to achieve the best results, he says. They also require expertise and skill.

Dr. Verdeza is one of only two physicians in the area who is Board certified in anti-aging. He graduated from medical school in Colombia, and completed additional training in obstetrics and gynecology at Albany Medical Center in New York and cosmetic gynecology and liposuction at the International Society of Cosmetic Gynecology (ISCGYN) at the Pelosi Institute in New Jersey. He is also certified in metabolic medicine and aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Verdeza offers non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures to help women achieve physical and emotional wellness.

“Many of the treatments and surgeries I provide are curative or corrective, and are important to a woman’s health. At the same time, these procedures can result in body improvement, which is important to a woman’s overall wellness,” Dr. Verdeza said.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures offered at the Center include cellulite treatments and other minimally-invasive body contouring procedures, laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments such as Botox, fillers, fat grafting and plasma stem cell therapy.

Dr. Verdeza helps women age gracefully. He specializes in anti-aging treatments, including hormone replacement therapy, nutrition counseling, weight-loss therapy and other post-menopausal therapies.

Cosmetic surgeries are performed by Dr. Verdeza in the Center or in a hospital, and include breast augmentation, reduction and lift, tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift, liposuction and liposculpting, eyelid surgery, eyebrow lift, facelift, ear surgery and vaginal rejuvenation, tightening and sexual enhancement.

Women who have cosmetic surgery achieve the best results when they enlist the help of the specialists at his Conquer Vitality Spa, Dr. Verdeza says. The highly-skilled massage therapists use state-of-the-art technology and hightech products to shape and tone the body.

“Therapists focus on the areas of the body that concern patients most and help women achieve their body image goals,” Dr. Verdeza said. “These treatments are excellent for women who have had a cosmetic procedure and those who are losing weight.”

Carlos Verdeza, M.D., is located at 7000 SW 62 Ave., PH-S. For more information, call 305-553-8033 or visit <www.CarlosVerdeza->.

For more information on One 7000 Place, managed by Healthcare Realty, Inc., contact Wayne E. Stringer, president, Stringer Realty Services, Inc., at 305-772-2801.

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  1. Ileana Estevez | October 30, 2013 at 7:22 pm | Reply

    I just had a tummy tuck done a month ago by Dr. Carlos Verdeza, he is the best honest,professional and the best doctor in todays time and age. I went to five evalation visit with different doctors,and several months of investigating doctors within the Coral Gables and Beach area ,believing I will get the best for my money and high and quality, was I wrong it only took one visit for Dr. Verdeza to give me his professional opinion & honesty ,gave all details with respect to the surgery procedures. after the surgery I was in shock when everyday the Dr. & his staff will call me directly to see how I was doing for two weeks constantly. I will recommend highly Dr. Carlos Verdeza

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