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KesslerandMoradVivianSurgery2My husband and I like to travel but have decisively different concerns before our impending departure. The current itinerary will include touring Europe then several excursions in Africa. I am presently being treated for a very painful abscess in my gum and have been placed on antibiotics. I want to cancel and re-book but my husband doesn’t think there will be any problems. Am I being overly cautious?

Not at all. Having an abscess in any part of your body is worrisome for the simple reason complications could spread very quickly.

You have been placed on antibiotics to eliminate the infection. Your dentist wants to contain and control the swelling so it does expand to adjacent teeth as this could lead to bone loss; untreated abscess’ have numerous medical ramifications as well including cardiac problems due to toxins in your system.

Please make sure the cause of the abscess is eliminated before you – you do not want to be somewhere your health might become compromised and correct treatment is not available from qualified professionals. A vacation is to get away from everyday stresses, giving your body and mind the relaxation it needs to refresh and rejuvenate.

Prepared, prudent and proactive are positives for proper planning prior to packing.

Dr. Kessler’s office is located at 7400 N. Kendall Dr., directly across Dadeland Mall and he may be reached at 305-670- 3800 or online at Lkgums@aol.com or www.WeSaveSmiles.com.

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