Preemo excels in computer support and repair

Pictured (l-r) are the Team Preemo members Christian Gomez, junior technician; Elias Guanchez, chief technology officer; Ivan Mladenovic, President/CEO; Anthony Lopez, support technician; and Jovary Hill, lead Technician.

When Ivan Mladenovic moved back to Miami, he started a technology solutions company and called it Preemo. It only took six months for Preemo to grow from a home-based company to one that needed to move into an office space.

“We’re five times bigger than last year,” he says. “I think we’ll be a million-dollar business sometime in June of next year. I think what we bring to the table is our quality of people.”

He attributes his company’s rapid growth to relationship building and networking.

“I’m on the board of the Red Sunset Merchant Association,” he says. “I’m also on the executive board and on the ambassador team for the Pinecrest Business Association.”

Mladenovic opened his shop in South Miami across from Sunset Place and has taken on several technicians to help him with his expanding business.
“Our primary service is IT support for small to medium-sized businesses,” he says. “We have about 200 clients. Our second service is a computer repair shop. We do a lot of Mac repair.”

They also help people with hard drive problems.

“It’s a fixed priced service,” he says. “Our third service, we also do website development and search engine optimization for a few clients. We have 20-25 clients that we have done online work for.”

But the core of Preemo’s service is Virtual IT.

“Instead of a paying for IT on a reactive basis, we set up a monthly cost. They shift their IT services to us. We serve as a help desk for any technology questions. They rely on us,” Mladenovic says. “We can do that for a company of up to 100 users.”

He says Preemo will do remote support as well as onsite support. Technicians will also track and monitor everything for their clients. If a client gets an error message on their system, Preemo can help them deal with that problem.

“We do a lot of service maintenance,” he says. “We do host email for clients as well as an online back-up solutions.”

Plus, the Preemo techs follow approved repair procedures.

“If you have an Apple product, we do it the Apple way,” he says. “We’re in the process of becoming an apple certified consultant. They get technical training through the manufacturers.”

In addition to Mladenvoic, Preemo has a chief technology officer and three techs,

“We coach them to be a technician as well as an account manager,” he says. “The business owner knows which tech they are communicating with.”

They also document everything for those times when the tech isn’t available and someone else has to step in.

“There is always someone at our offices, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and then we offer after hours and emergency support,” he says. “That’s for our business clients. We do have a few non-business clients.”

The company’s client base includes 300 individual realtors. They set up wireless networks for their clients and they have done complex network connections in large homes.

“We have the in-store services where some of our clients will come to us,” he says.

Sometimes clients will get a new phone and come to the store so a tech can help them figure out the features.

“We take this very personally. I think each one of us is a nerd at heart,” he says. “If we can’t figure out a problem or something is repetitive, we team up (to figure it out).”

That’s one of the reasons that in just two and a half years, Preemo has become the highest rated computer repair service in Miami on Google and Yelp.

Preemo Technologies is located at 5815 SW 68th Street, South Miami. For more information, call 305-669-6049 or go online at <>

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