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Well I thought I sort of missed the commissioners during their summer break but after commission remarks on their first meeting back I think I was wrong. It seemed like the first two hours was just a bunch of “he said, she said” and it didn’t end at the dais.

During public remarks a group of female audience members (The Eda Harris gang vs. Sharon McCain) went beyond shouting and appeared to be about to knock each other’s lights out. Was anyone actually in charge of the meeting? Oh, I forgot, our phantom mayor pulled another disappearing act when it got ugly and the room begged for some leadership to speak up and take charge.

Looks like the commission is gearing up for another day in court. City Attorney Thomas Pepe suggested it is time for the YMCA to pay and the commission agreed. This time though it is them suing someone else, a change from the steady stream of lawsuits against the city in various stages of proceedings. The $20,000 annual lease payment on the park has not been paid in seven years and apparently after year five they can supposedly collect the overdue payments so they are owed at least $40,000 possibly more. Hope that goes better for them than what I hear up north about a lawsuit in full swing with no compromise in sight due to potentially damning out of the sunshine evidence against the city.

Sharon McCain suggested at a recent meeting that all commissioners should be drug tested and it sounds brilliant to me. Since there has been such a stink around town about drug use and marijuana smoking, I think it would be great if the elected officials would take a drug test. You know, the kind employees take. It’s not that any of them partake in any such activity of course, but the message would be loud and clear to our youth that our public officials lead the way and have nothing to hide. And to spice it up a bit, I will join them and pee in a bottle or offer my blood or a hair from my every thinning scalp and look forward to taking pictures of the event. We can then publish the results in the paper and on our website. And to reiterate I have no reason to believe that any of our elected officials are smoking pot, sniffing bath salts, or anything else that might get them high. (I would just like to see the evidence to prove it). Maybe Governor Rick Scott can join us as well.

On Sunday afternoon, I reached out to a friend in the hopes of passing a lazy Sunday afternoon seeing the new Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises. What started out as two friends going to see a movie, somehow snowballed into a group outing of seven of us who came over from Aventura, Hollywood, North Miami Beach, Brickell, and Coconut Grove. Logistical planning nightmare aside, we wound up having a great night and did it right here in South Miami.

In spite of the recent movie theater tragedy in Colorado, AMC Sunset Place was jam packed and Dark Knight Rises was completely sold out for the next two showings. We passed the hour and a half waiting time at one of the bars inside Splitsville Lanes, conveniently located next to the ticketing booths.

After the movie we strolled over to The Irish Times to wind down and yammer on about the film. As it does when seven guys get together for a long afternoon turned into evening, hunger struck and we began to discuss our culinary options.

A quick debate and show of hands later, the unanimous choice was RA Sushi. Although it was 10pm on a Sunday evening, a quick glance out the front door of The Irish Times and down the street revealed that it was still very much alive. When we arrived, it was clear that we were not getting a table anytime soon, the place was PACKED! Every outside and inside table was already occupied and the hostess had a waiting list longer than the credits at the end of the movie. People were huddled around the bar, the music was blaring and dancing everywhere.

I recently heard someone say that you had to go as far as Brickell for a good night out. It appears to me that the the City of South Miami has quite the social scene. At this very moment, new bars and restaurants are coming our way and it doesn’t seem to be winding down anytime soon!

Levi Myer contributed to this segment.

On August 16 the Gibson-Bethel Community Center will have its annual back pack give away to help area kids prepare for the first day of school. If you are able, please consider donating any and all school supplies to get our youth excited about learning and tackling their new subjects come fall semester. To find out more, call Parks and Recreation Director Lorenzo Woodley at 305-668-7232.

The folks at Sunset Tavern and Deli Lane request the honor of your presence at a craft beer tasting to cool down from the summer heat on August 15 at 7:30pm. Cost is $20 per person and includes food pairings with a special selection of brews featuring Blue Point Toasted Lager, Duvel, Victory Golden Monkey, Red Brick Laughing Skull, Benediktiner Weissbier, and more. Space is limited so they request you RSVP by August 13 via paypal:

Thought for the Day:
We should look for someone to eat
and drink with before looking
for something to eat and drink.
— Epicurus

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