Simbad’s Bird House Customer Appreciation Day, Nov. 1

Simbad’s Bird House Customer Appreciation Day, Nov. 2

Manager Fernando Dona shares the love with his feathered friends, Scarlet Macaw (left) and an Umbrella Cockatoo.

Simbad’s Bird House at 7201 Bird Road is celebrating its Annual Customer Appreciation day on Saturday, Nov. 1, from 10 am to 6:30 pm. A local Bird Road bird institution for over 26 years, the colorful corner building on Southwest 72 Avenue is well known as the South Florida “go to” spot for adopting exotic birds.

“Customer Appreciation Day began some 11 years ago,” said store manager Fernando Dona. “It gives us, as staff, a chance to say thank you to our loyal customer base for being part of our family.”

Vendors are present to provide product samples and answer questions. Special discounts are offered on vitamins, food and toys in an informal atmosphere where prospective birdie parents can also learn the essentials of how to care for their feathery children.

“We raise our babies here like kids,” said Dona. “Our staff raises the birds with love. They are used to having humans around and feel like they are human… the tender loving care we offer is what makes our birds so special.”

Dona suggests Love Birds, Cockatiels, and Parakeets as ideal birds for kids and teenagers. Adults prefer talking birds such as Yellow Napes or Double Yellow Headed Amazons, as well as Blue and Gold Macaws and Green Wing Macaws.

Owners Helga and Alfredo Ona run the classic mom and pop business. The personal attention of the staff and their knowledge about birds is evidence to their success for over two decades.

“We send the babies home with a good balanced diet of seed and pellets. We believe they need some type of natural fat in their diets. Some suggest a diet of 100 percent pellets, but we recommend half seed, half pellets.”

Simbad’s Bird House Customer Appreciation Day, Nov. 2

Simbad’s owners Helga and Alfredo Ona

No bird leaves the store without a proper house. “A cage is essential,” says Dona, “So a bird has a space to call its own. Birds born in captivity are used to being in cages, so they require that space but you don’t want to keep them in there 24/7. They should also have a perch in the house where they can go out and be next to their owner, like perching nearby during meals to feel like part of the family.”

New bird parents are requested to drop into the store after about a week to see how the fledgling is doing. “We ask them to bring them back for a check-up on how they are adapting to their new environment. We also suggest they take that time to let the bird adjust and begin to offer toys to them later on after they know their new home.”

Dona says everybody knows Simbad’s is “all about the birds” and that is why they can offer customers their own special day. “We have one of the best customer bases in the world because they know we care about the birds. We are always here to help resolve issues or concerns and they keep coming back. Our Customer Appreciation Day is a chance to say thank you.”

To find out more about Simbad’s Bird House and Customer Appreciation Day, call 305-262-6077,

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