South Miami Commissioner Gabriel Edmond Announces Endorsement of Mayoral Candidate Horace G. Feliu

Horace Feliu (left) with Commissioner Gabriel Edmond.

South Miami Commissioner Gabriel Edmond, who is finishing his 1st term as Commissioner with the city has officially announced that he is supporting South Miami Mayoral Candidate Horace G. Feliu.

Edmond recently announced that he will leave the commission when his term expires in February 2018.  He has decided to support Feliu’s mayoral run because believes he is a proven leader.

“This election season, I encourage our entire South Miami community to join me in voting for Horace Feliu for Mayor. Mayor Feliu has the right leadership qualities to move the city forward,” said Edmond.

Today Feliu runs with the promise that under his leadership residential neighborhoods will not be subject to high-density development; that as a city crime will be dealt with proactively to create safer neighborhoods; that he will take the focus off creating and pursuing frivolous lawsuits and instead properly allocate the budget for the benefit of the city; and finally that he will focus on putting the City of South Miami residents first.

“Gabriel Edmond has been a great commissioner,” Feliu said.  “He is very level headed, collegial and strived for transparency. I certainly would have wanted to work with him on the Commission. We have seen through the years that special interests were not able to impose their will on him unlike several on the Commission and that he has always had the best interests of our residents at heart.”

Horace G. Feliu is a three-term Mayor for the City of South Miami and has also served as Vice Mayor and Commissioner along with serving on the Environmental Review and Preservation Board (ERPB) of South Miami for a total of 12 years.  While serving as Mayor, Feliu accomplished many things for residents including requiring transparency of the city budget, initiating the first traffic calming projects, creating projects focused on the beautification of the city and attracting businesses.   He has called the City of South Miami home for more than 27 years.

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1 Comment on "South Miami Commissioner Gabriel Edmond Announces Endorsement of Mayoral Candidate Horace G. Feliu"

  1. Marie D. Valenti | January 17, 2018 at 11:28 am | Reply

    Congradulation’s to comm. Edmond for his support of Horace Feliu. After serving as a commissioner, seated next to the Mayor, he knows first hand the crisis this city is in and the only choice is the proven leadership of Horace Feliu to get us back to a democratically, transparent administration where the residents are first.

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