South Miami cops need more money

South Miami cops need more money

…and there is Brad Cassel and Kevin Hurley patiently waiting for the elevator doors to open.

When was the last time the cops in the city of South Miami got a raise? Does anyone know the truth? My sources tell me that it has been years and the rank and file are pretty demoralized about being financial worse off today than they were let’s say, five years ago. So, now how about the city misleaders take control and figure out how to get the cops some more money.

The election is coming up in February and if they run again I would like to donate $100 to each of the three presently elected officials whose terms are up, those being the current mayor, Phil Stoddard and Wally Harris and Valerie Newman, who are both serving as commissioners. I’m help them out a little bit, because it looks like they need some help. So, when they open their campaign accounts I’ll run over a check and help them on their merry way. By the way, I do love all three of them equally.

As things would have it; right after being at Ethics Commission which was held on the 8th Floor at 19 West Flagler St. to hear and/or participate in the hearing for Police Chief Orlando de Castro Martinez. This beautiful group of folks all got on the elevator to go downstairs and be on their merry way… But as things would have it, the elevator decided to hold this merry group between floors for about 15 minutes. It must have been wondrous, all those folks so close together for so long. I hear that the irony of them all be close together kept them laughing out loud. And for sure they must have felt relieved when the doors finally opened. But, they were stuck once again for a short time between the third and fourth floor. But all’s well that ends well and they eventually made it out and went on their respective ways.

Couldn’t help but run into Levi Meyer, the real estate go-to- guy from Fortune Realty on Douglas Road. He was at Deli Lane with some folks sharing photographs of a BIG; I mean a REALLY BIG home that he listed in the south end of the county. I think he said it was in Homestead and on some 10 beautifully landscape acres. So, if you are looking for a beautiful mansion that’ll make you and your family really smile, give Levi a call. PS. I’m not putting in his phone number, but for sure you can figure out how to find him.

Gee guys and gals…. It seems as though the Chief of Police Orlando de Castro Martinez has spoken up and filed a couple of lawsuits against two elected officials. One of the lawsuits is against Mayor Phil Stoddard and the other against Commissioner Bobble Head. Yup, after Mayor Phil lead the way a few years back to give the chief an unprecedented five year contract he is going to now spend his time defending himself against his former bud.

BTW. Here’s a little hint about some really neat stuff. I hear that the Russians, who have a South Miami connection, are coming back to have a little talk with the folks on NW 12 Ave. Should be berry, berry interesting.

Heard the bugging of city hall has reached an all-time high, so to speak. Lots of nervous folks, afraid to move around and for sure petrified to speak freely, as they are sure that their personal conversations are being heard by more than the person that is supposed to hear it. Golly folks, what’s next?

South Dade Toastmasters Club 2463 is hosting its annual Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest on July 31at Deli Lane /Sunset Tavern, 7232 SW 59 Avenue in South Miami at 7:30 a.m. during its regularly scheduled meeting time. The contest is for registered Toastmaster members, but is open to the general public. The Club also invites anyone interested in learning more about the purpose and benefits of becoming a Toastmaster to attend the regular meetings also held at Deli Lane every Wednesday at 7:30 am. To find out more about Toastmasters feel free to take a tour at

Thought of the Day:

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

—Annie Dillard

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