The Inmates Have Taken Over the Asylum

By Michael Miller….

Friends Darren Kasuba (left), Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar COO Seth de Kanter, and Paige Relchneu at the recent grand opening of Buffalo’s.

Perhaps along with the evening agenda, city staff should hand out a pamphlet on Robert’s Rules of Order to enlighten the passionate crowd in attendance for city commission meetings.

In addition to an out of sync recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance by Yvonne Beckman that sounded a bit embellished, the discourteous rounds of applauses while city business was in session, and the attempt by Commissioner Walter Harris’ wife to dial in a vote in place of Harris who was in the hospital during the meeting; the peanut gallery appeared to be on caffeine overload.

Dr. Mirabile was none too pleased to hear Beckman’s original version of the Pledge and vociferously challenged her to get it right because he and many others fought on the front lines to defend the meanings behind those powerful words.

Bye, Bye, Brian and Vamos Velma?
Could this be it for Commissioner Brian Beasley and Velma Palmer? Two commission seats are up this February and Josh Leibman wants one of those seats. Josh, who is a local guy and a veteran marathoner having completed 88 marathons.(26.2 miles) Yup, that’s 88…26.2 mile runs. Josh ran his first marathon in Nashville in 2001. His most recent was in June in Seattle and son of a gun his next one will be on Oct 9th in Chicago. Story is his 100th run just might be here in Miami, so he can celebrate with local pals.

Josh received an undergraduate degree from the University of Miami on an academic scholarship to boot. And then he got another scholarship and went back to school at UM and earned himself a fancy MBA.

Josh is a pretty focused guy and pleasant enough too and right now he’s got his running shoes and will do what it takes to become…Josh Leibman, the running commissioner come February.

The Mayoral Seat is also open this election year and speaking of running, former mayor Horace Feliu swears (with a smile on his face) that he is not running for mayor again… But my good friend Horace has been telling me stories for years and I just wonder if this is just another story or if he’ll make a run for it just one more time. Here’s why I question what he told me:

He’s getting back in shape, going to the gym and jogging around the neighborhood. He is getting better in the role of the President of the Rotary. He just had some photos taken at one of those studios that photo shop your picture at no extra charge.

He’s smiling a lot more and he’s learned to tell me a bunch of hokey pokey with a smile on his face.

And…he’s been hanging out at Casa Lario’s, Deli Lane, RA Sushi,  Don Shula’s and he’s even been seen at Carrabba’s where he meets lots of locals and I might add  potential supporters and contributors.

So folks, the run for the February election has started and it is sure to be lots of fun as the game of King-of-the-Mountain gets in gear one more time.

Stoddard saved by helmet
Oh, yes, current Mayor Phillip Stoddard had a crash on his bicycle the other day and broke his femur and was treated at the local hospital.  Dr. Phil as he is sometimes called said he was pretty happy that he was wearing his helmet as for sure he would have wound up with some head injuries as well if not. And yes, it was a single bike accident and no other vehicles, two wheels or four, were involved. And yes, no other person was involved in the incident.  The mayor is a real trooper as he was at the city commission right away with a little help from his pair of crutches.

Fat Lady singing
Thanks for the memories Dan Marino’s, time to retire their jersey. The popular restaurant and sports bar seems to have exhausted their non-renewable contract and walked off into the Sunset. We will miss you guys!

Wings for  all
South Miami is safe from any Buffalo wings shortage with the new opening of Buffalo’s Wild Wings Grill and Bar. Business Owner Seth de Kanter says come in with a shirt and tie or jersey and shorts, everyone is welcome. There is not a bad seat in the house for your favorite team’s game thanks to the 57 high definition TV sets decorating the hotspot. They are located at 5701 Sunset Place, across the street from Whole Foods.

Sports Grill will be bringing its own successful secret buffalo wings recipe to their new location at the old Beverly Hill’s Café venue area. The folks at Sports Grill anticipated they would be open and ready to serve by press time. In addition to a wide selection of yummy pub faire they will also by presenting craft beer options from small independent breweries. The new spot is at 1559 SW 72nd Street.

Seen in SoMi
Last Saturday night, my brother Grant was at the newly opened Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar in the Shops of Sunset Place. He tells me the place was rocking and rolling filled with happy folks enjoying themselves and the chicken wings were great while the service was supreme.

Also seen at Buffalo’s Saturday night—Paul and Lizette Marolf, Jeff and Dwayne Cyrus and Alan Jefferson, all of whom were enjoying the food and ambiance.

“Those who fail to work towards the greater good only succeed in sabotaging themselves.”

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About the Author

Michael Miller
Michael co-owns Community Newspapers with his brother Grant and serves as Executive Editor of the group of newspapers. He enjoys writing about local politics and area businesses. Michael can be reached at

8 Comments on "The Inmates Have Taken Over the Asylum"

  1. Let me explain this to you so you fully understand. Velma Palmer will be ousted by Sharon McCain. Brian Beasley will be ousted by Yvonne Beckman. What's that song by Chicago , "Only the Beginning?"

  2. The Justice League | October 13, 2011 at 9:06 am | Reply

    What's next Fraulein Beckman?

  3. The Beckman Pledge
    I pledge allegiance to the flag
    Of the United Snakes of South Miami
    And to the dysfunction
    For which it stands
    One wacko
    Under Bob
    With hatred and hostility
    To all

  4. Me SOMI Like You | October 13, 2011 at 8:39 pm | Reply

    Ok, I understand now. Beasley will be replaced by Richard Nixon and Velma Palmer will become Chief of Police.
    Now that makes sense!
    South Miami politics…getting better everyday.
    And tell me that again about Walter (Pot Smoking) Harris calling in a vote?
    That's great for Comedy Central!!!

  5. catch him if you can | October 14, 2011 at 3:17 am | Reply

    Beckman is coming back?..Is she really going to out Brian Beez ly? Someone ought to catch that little bugger and turn his butt into, well turn it into the cops and anybody else that will give him what he deserves.

  6. Follow up.

    Is that Javier Banos thinking about a run for the Mayor's seat?

  7. Jose Maria Alvarez | October 15, 2011 at 9:58 am | Reply

    No, the begining of the END is more like it.
    Or should I say the END started when the Wackos took over City Hall.
    Think, I know that's real hard for South Miami voters, but think about the last time the City of Pleasant Living had a sitting Commission and Mayor that had a micro size brain and the best interest of the community at heart.

  8. so long goof balls | October 16, 2011 at 12:25 am | Reply

    It's only just begun… is another song … When is someone going to run to get those morons out of city hall.It's time for a clean sweep.

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