South Miami Resident Donna Shelley offers her original perspective on the recent cancellation of the proposed Bike SoMi community ride due to City Manager Hector Mirabile’s insistence that permits were required before the ride could proceed.

A plan to raid the streets of this city by a motley band of local bikers was foiled recently. Thanks to the quick action of the city’s manager, Dr. Hector Mirabile, citizens were spared the sight of 20 middle- aged bikers donned in their traditional gang clothing (safety helmets and spandex) clogging major arteries and the picturesque downtown.

When Mirabile got wind of the plot to ride en masse for a looksee at city road conditions he immediately put the kybosh on it.

Confronting the group’s leader, a diminutive mother of two, he told her “under no circumstances will you do this!”

Mirabile was congratulated by the South Miami City Commission for his presence of mind. They praised his steadfast determination to keep the daily flow of 500,000 vehicles safe from the threat of marauding gangs of cyclists.

Donna Shelley is a freelance writer and seven year resident of South Miami. She is married to the artist Ronald Shelley. She takes an active interest in the community and has served on city boards and committees as well as volunteering for the South Miami Alliance for Youth.

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1 Comment on "TO RIDE OR NOT TO RIDE"

  1. Doctor Professor General City Manager MirrorBall,
    Thank you ever so much for applying your big brain to such an important matter and this bunch of renegade Mack cycle commandos. The weapons of mass cycling have been neutralized!!!

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