Who’s who at local eateries

Out of my zip code: At Lots of Lox on US1 and SW 149 St, I ran into (at different times) Mel Mann, Eugene Flinn, the former Palmetto Bay mayor, current Palmetto Bay Councilman Patrick Fiore, Gary Rackear, a South Miami attorney, real estate moguls, Chip Black with EWM and Levi Meyer, a real estate agent with Fortune International Realty.

Over at Deli Lane, the CEO of South Miami Hospital, Lincoln Mendez was there with a guest, a doctor I think and the two of them were working it for about an hour or so. Golly, if only we were sitting closer to them…Hmm.

I heard that Lincoln loves going there, if for no other reason then to feed those little sparrows that have become rather friendly with the folks that sit outside. So, Lincoln go ahead, keep taking care of those little guys, but don’t let them eat off your plate.

And more sightings at Deli Lane: Horace Feliu was seen there recently enjoying breakfast and reading a copy of his favorite newspaper (guess which one.)

Ed, from Ed’s Boot Camp was also there having a power breakfast with a friend and sitting nearby was Paul Marolf and Grant Miller and some other politicos, as well.

And speaking of politics, the City of South Miami is holding an election in Feb. 2014 and this will be the time, that the voters can do a clean sweep and get in three new people that will lead us into the future, rather than the continual backward slide that the city has been on since the last election, when “Bobble Head” Welsh got into office.

And although, Welsh’s tenure doesn’t end for a few more years, this time up it’ll be the seats occupied by Commissioners Valerie Newman and Walter Harris, as well as Mayor Phil Stoddard.

So, come on residents and voters of South Miami, come up with some real viable candidates and then help them win, so we can have a commission that we are proud of once again.

Could hardly believe my eyes, when I read a recent Miami Herald article, where the mayor, according to the article, said he had been shot at twice before. Golly folks, can’t figure out if he is very lucky or unlucky, cuz most of the people I know have only been shot at once or not at all.

And then “Bobble Head” Welsh is also quoted as saying that high-powered weapons “were not necessary for law abiding citizens.” Bob, you gotta do better than that! So, let’s see you really give a real, thoughtful talk about gun control and exactly what the City of South Miami can do right here in our town.

Thought of the Day: The biggest lies are always told in silence.


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