Willie’s Boot Camp gives back to the community

By Lee Stephens….

William Del Sol, owner of Willie’s Boot Camp, is pictured during one of his workout sessions.

As you probably know by now, Willie’s Boot Camp/SoMi Fitness of South Miami is a great place to get fit, lean and healthy. What you may not know, is that William Del Sol, owner of Willie’s Boot Camp, and Unni Greene also are giving back to the community all year long.
In addition to giving their clients the gift of health and fitness, Willie and Unni have been running a Saturday morning Boot Camp to benefit the Children’s Home Society (CHS). Every Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m., for more than a year, Willie and Unni have been giving the Boot Camp, free of charge to the community, at Matheson Hammock Park in Coral Gables. What they ask for in return, is a voluntary donation, in the form of a check made out to the Children’s Home Society.
CHS provides the only shelter in Miami-Dade County for abused and abandoned children. Other services include family and individual counseling, child abuse prevention and intervention services, home-based services, help for pregnant teens and first-time mothers, residential and group homes, adoption and foster care services, mentoring programs, family preservation, and more.
Every year, CHS provides services to an average 100,000 children and families throughout Florida.
“It is so important to give back to the community,” Willie said. “I wanted to help people less fortunate than I, and through the assistance of Unni, I choose the Children’s Home Society. Children are so dear to my heart, and they are the most defenseless and vulnerable individuals. It is a great feeling to be able to help them.”
Willie and Unni have raised thousands of dollars through the year for this cause. Many people come out and enjoy the Boot Camp, and bring family and friends. Some have been there from the beginning, like Julio Hanono and Ron Novas, who often bring their own children and families to enjoy the work out. They now consider the Boot Camp a necessary part of a great weekend.
“These guys never miss, and it’s amazing to have people with that positive energy stepping up to the plate, week after week” Willie said.
In addition to the charity Boot Camp, last Christmas, Willie and Unni spearheaded a collection and donation of Christmas gifts that were donated to the children of the congregants of the Oliver Batisa Church in South Miami. Again, Willie and Unni felt that there was a need, and reached out to the community.
“The joy on the children’s faces when they saw the toys lined up that they could choose from was priceless” Unni said.
The fitness team is planning to do this collection again this holiday season. They are looking to team up with local businesses, such as Boca Tanning of South Miami that has supported Willie’s Boot Camp since the beginning, to assist in this great cause for the children of our community.
Willie’s Boot Camp and SoMi Fitness operate out of the South Miami area. Both Willie and Unni are Certified Personal Trainers, with specialties in nutrition planning and counseling and also personal and group training.
For more information on how you can help, visit www.somifitness.com or www.williesbootcamp.com.

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