Wish list for the new owner of the Shops at Sunset Place

If you could tell the future new owner of the Shops at Sunset Place what you would like to see there, what would it be? Just to get you thinking about it, here is a list of our “wants” for the behemoth with the largest footprint in South Miami’s downtown.

Let’s start with a new mix of tenants that might include:
• More trendy, hip stores like those in Midtown or parts of Miami Beach.
• More locally-owned stores like others on Sunset Drive.
• Restaurants oriented toward the young and discriminating adult.
• Retail appealing to adult buyers with fewer stores relying heavily on the tastes of the pre-pubescent.
• Complete renovation of the north end of the mall (near Wendy’s). This area could be a perfect location for a muchneeded hotel with convenient parking.
• Office space, which could bring more clients for businesses both in the Shops and in the entire downtown.
• More residential space is in order, too (currently there are only 40 residential units in the building, some only about 500 sf in size).

Now for other amenities that will help to stimulate South Miami’s economy:

Sensible parking with competitive pricing. Come on, this should be configured to make things easier, not forcing patrons to go looking for spaces on the street.

How about an entrance from Red Road with storefronts to replace the existing, long and uninviting concrete wall?

Finally, to put it all together and to link the west and east sides of US-1, we wish for a pedestrian bridge. It will make the City more walkable, encouraging foot traffic to and from the Metrorail station, the Hospital district, the University of Miami, and homes located west of downtown South Miami. Just think of the thousands of potential new customers for the downtown shopping and restaurant area!

Of course, to make any of this work, the City government will need to be an active, interested and willing partner with the business community and with the new owner of the Shops at Sunset Place. The items on this wish list have the potential to spur the city to provide more revenues to upgrade the appearance of the entire downtown area, which has begun, but needs to accelerate.

So what would be on your wish list for the Shops at Sunset Place? We would like to hear from you. Contact Grant at grant@communitynewspapers.com

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  1. Have a jazz concert series similar to The Suntrust Sunday Jazz Brunch in Ft. Lauderdale. How about on a Wednesday evening?

  2. tear down and rebuild with sensitivity to the older shopping district and open up to the sidewalks!

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