Youth Fair offering spectacular new rides and more for 2014

Now in its 63rd year, the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair and Exposition, together with North American Midway Entertainment, has added three new rides and welcomes the return of an all-time guest favorite as part of its expansive lineup of 2014 Youth Fair amusement park rides. Altogether, fairgoers can experience nearly 100 thrilling rides this year.

New rides include:
Backdraft — This fire themed coaster boasts seven cars, which light up and hold up to four passengers each. Coaster cars climb up three levels before rushing down and around. A ride for teens and adults, the Backdraft coaster sends riders on a hair-raising trip. Guests must be at least 48 inches tall to ride.

Crazy Dance — This new ride consists of a dedocagonal platform that rotates and incorporates backdrops, a sound system, elaborate light displays and special effects equipment. The entire ride is on an incline of 7.5 degrees. When the ride is activated, the platform rotates and the cars rock back and forth. The motion of the ride allows the cars to rotate through 360 degrees. Guests must be at least 48 inches tall to ride.

7D Cinema — Fairgoers will sit inside the enhanced 7D simulator to experience spectacular footage and thrilling special effects. Guests will be transported on roller coasters to prehistoric eras traveling through enchanted tunnels and many other spectacular sites. 7D Cinema will be located near the World of Agriculture Tent and open all 18 days of the 2014 Youth Fair.

Ride Returns:
Space Roller — Youth Fair guests will have their feet dangling on this out-of-this world adventure. The main arm of Space Roller is raised to the sky while the starshaped wheel with vehicles attached shakes, rattles and rolls at heart-pounding heights and speeds before making its descent back to earth. Guests must be at least 54 inches tall to ride Space Roller.

In addition, the Youth Fair will feature other fairgoer favorites such as the Mark 3, Twister, Cliff Hanger, Ring of Fire and the Giant Wheel. The little ones will be able to enjoy age and size appropriate rides, such as Bear Affair, Kite Flyer, Raiders, Speedway and Teacup at KiddieLand and KiddieLand Too!

Ride Prices: P*O*P (Pay One Price) Unlimited Ride Cards — $20 each for any day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday when purchased in advance at any Sedano’s Supermarket. P*O*P (Pay One Price) Unlimited Ride Pass — $25 on weekdays and $35 on weekends when purchased at the gate on the day of visit. Coupon prices: 10 rides, $12; 22 rides, $25, and 55 rides, $60. Single ride and games coupon — $1.25. Express Access Pass, $15, gets guests on all the rides faster.

The Youth Fair is located on Coral Way (SW 24th Street) at 112th Avenue. Gates open on weekdays at 3 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays at noon and at noon during Spring Break, Mar. 21-30. General admission is $12 with free admission every day, all day for children 5 years and younger, as well as adults 65 and older. Admission for active duty and retired military personnel is $6, Monday-Thursday (with Military ID). Offer valid for active and retired personnel and up to three guests. Guests must present coupon available only at <>. Parking is always free. Limited preferred parking is available for $12 per vehicle.

The Youth Fair also offers many amenities for families, including stroller and wheelchair rental, lost and found, paved walkways, convenient sitting areas, lush landscape, diaper changing facilities/restrooms and more. Sponsors include Coca-Cola, KIA, and Sedano’s Supermarkets.

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2 Comments on "Youth Fair offering spectacular new rides and more for 2014"

  1. Hey Carol, it hasn't been called the 'Youth Fair' in years! . . . and for good reason, it's a witless, classless name.

  2. Yes it has been called the youth fair. You must haven't been a teenager in years because people still call it that.

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