Athletics Program in good hands in Sunny Isles Beach

Athletics Program in good hands in Sunny Isles BeachAthletics Program in good hands in Sunny Isles Beach
Lester Alexander

When a person is conscientious in what he does, it shows. Parents can observe for themselves when a program coordinator is putting his best effort into the activities for their children. That effort includes, running an organized athletic program, planning for contingencies, meeting with parents, addressing concerns head-on, finding solutions and coming up with new and innovative programs. That is the description of someone who loves and KNOWS what he is doing. If your child has spent time playing soccer, basketball or any other sport offered by the city you will recognize that these attributes describe Sunny Isles Beach Athletics Coordinator, Lester Alexander.

Lester is a Florida native; attending high school at T.R. Robinson in Tampa, Florida and completing his higher education at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Recreation and Leisure Management. He served in the U.S. Airforce, worked as a YMCA counselor, and a program leader and coordinator for other cities including Las Vegas, Phoenix and Miami Gardens. Lester is a certified National Playground Safety Inspector and in the process of becoming a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional. His strong work ethic is evident from his educational achievements and professional certifications.

Since bringing his experience to the City in April 2012, Lester has elevated the athletics program to a new level of professionalism for the kids and the parents. Existing programs received attention with added training for coaches, adjustments to practice times and upgraded equipment. Some programs were contracted out for the advanced players and new recreational programs were added. A variety of choices are offered each sports season ranging from basketball to soccer, to cheerleading and volleyball to name a few.

Lester initiated a Drop-In Teen Basketball League, which channels energy to organized games, rather than haphazard play.

Understanding the difference between recreational sports and competitive sports, he also got a handle on the travel soccer program, requested by a large contingent of parents, making it into a viable program. Now players have the option to play for fun, learning in a nurturing environment, or choose the more competitive travel programs for the dedicated players. The Summer Sports Camps were also well-thought-out and fun, as evidenced by the feedback from the kids, who were overheard to say to parents and counselors comments like, “Is it already time to go home, can I stay longer?”

Lester acts in other capacities in addition to coordinating the sports programs. He serves on the City’s safety committee and can be found lending a hand at special events throughout the year. In his free time he enjoys outdoor sports and is an advocate for improving and sustaining the health and wellness of our community. One of his personal goals is to bring a 5K Run/Walk to the City in the near future and he says, It is very rewarding to oversee programs that enable participants of all ages to enjoy our beautiful facilities and parks and achieve wellness or play sports.

This quote from Lester pretty much sums up his philosophy and shows what a great asset he is to our city. I’m sure many would agree, we’re lucky to have him in our corner.

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