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When was the last time you stopped, and took a good look at our beautiful, amazing South Florida environment? I mean, REALLY sat still and simply watched the myriad of incredible creatures and plants we share our space with? Each season, there is something that catches my eye and I am once again reminded of the incredible power of Mother Nature and how precious life truly is.

For the past two weeks, I have taken on the role of voyeur. I’ve had a front row seat to watch life evolve. Each morning, several times throughout the day and again in the evening, I would find myself standing in front of my bedroom window; watching a new family which moved in next door. Actually – they had taken up residence in the palm tree just outside my window.

Carefully tucked into the folds of the top of the tree was a nest. I spotted it quite by chance when I noticed a Blue Jay hanging out in the tree seemingly around the clock. It could mean only one thing: momma bird watching over her eggs!

Without warning and without meaning to, I found myself taking a personal interest in the welfare of this bird and her soon-to-befamily. Sure enough, a few days later I heard tiny peeps and inside the nest – three fuzzball chicks. Needless to say I had NOTHING to do with this creation, but I felt as if I had a personal stake in making sure these chicks thrived. It’s not like I could really DO anything, except watch. But I reasoned, praying for their safety would have to suffice.

I’ve watched the chicks grow in size. I’ve watched the momma bird keep vigil over the nest; flying off only long enough to gather food morsels. I’ve watched while she digested then regurgitated food to drop into the wide-open, squawking and hungry mouths of her chicks.

Sadly – one morning the count dropped to only two chicks. Perhaps it was last week’s rainy and windy weather which claimed that tiny life. My heart felt for the momma bird, knowing she had lost one of her own. How quickly life can be snatched. Another reminder to live life to the fullest!

This past week, I watched the remaining chicks build their strength and their courage to begin flapping their wings. Teetering on the edge of the palm frond – FINALLY – they took flight!

Like a proud parent, I feel content, knowing “My” babies are off into the world! Adventure awaits!

A multiple Emmy Award winning Anchor and Reporter, Julia Yarbough is a national blogger, motivational speaker, hostess, travel addict and health & fitness enthusiast. To follow Julia’s quirky new reality of life as she continues to navigate the sometimes rocky road of relationships, check out Julia can be reached at info@juliayarboughmediagroup. com for press and booking inquiries.

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