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Lewis Thaler, Craig Rosenstein, Mary Rosenstein, Hon. Norman Edelcup, Dennis Stubbolo

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To celebrate the love of Southeast Florida and capture the essence of the city’s culture and diversity, the Social Citizens of Southeast Florida (SCS) recently attended the Young Pianist Concert performance of Frédéric Chopin, the 19th century Polish composer and virtuoso pianist.

Components of this exciting social club offer members the ideal opportunity to socialize, dining and experience thought provoking cultural trips.  For more information call Dennis Stubbolo, president at: 305-936-0986.

Our benefactor, Norman Edelcup, has a passion for classical music and he suggested this cultural trip for the Social Citizens. “We are already working on our calendar for next year’s events with more Broadway shows and drama. Members can expect an array of educational trips and eighteen social lunches. The Social Citizen’s is subsidized by charitable donations; therefore, we get group rates,” Edelcup said.

The Social Citizen’s is changing the way its members think and spend their leisure time. On the bus trip, members got a sweeping view of the Miami area and once in Coral Gables, one is cognizant of the South American and European architecture. The group’s first stop was for lunch at Anthony’s Pizza where the lost art of conversation substituted playing on a smart phone.

Afterwards, at the nearby Granada Presbyterian Church, the social group assembled to listen to the concert sponsored by the Chopin Foundation of the United States. For more than twenty years, this organization has encouraged young children to engage with music and to assist gifted American pianists with their music careers.

“When readers see our newspaper articles, I get calls from individuals who are really interested in joining. Many of our members are retired who are looking to keep busy with their social life. We are all friends and there is no pressure,” Stubbolo said.

The young pianist’s music cadence soothed the audience’s ears with a robust pirouette of flowing notes, counterpoint, impromptus and waltzes. A dialogue was initiated between the pianist and listeners that sparks images of nature and the cosmos.

Luke Yang began his classical music career at age five with the encouragement of his parents. When asked why Chopin is so inspiring, he replied, “His musical compositions are so elegant and free,” Yang said.

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