Sunny Isles Beach is On the Map!


By Kristy Fritts….
We’ve all heard the saying, “Location is everything!” Here in Sunny Isles Beach, that couldn’t be more true! We have so many amenities and attractions…but how do we take full advantage of our surroundings? It’s just gotten a little easier to explore and learn about our City of Sun and Sea thanks to a new & improved internet Map Service! With a convenient link right on our City’s website, residents and visitors now have one-click access to an interactive new map application that puts tons of information at your fingertips, 24 hours a day.

The map service enables the user to turn different types of data “layers” on & off, such as Parks, Bus Stops, Beach Access locations, Lifeguard Towers, and more! Property owners can locate their properties by entering their name, address, or County tax folio number and view County assessment information, a map of their property, and opportunities to print reports about the property. Data layers such as Zoning, Land Use, and Voting Precincts can be overlaid to demonstrate which categories a given property lies within. There is also information about FEMA flood zones. Color aerial photography and Google Street View tools give the user an opportunity to experience our vibrant City firsthand from their home computer!

Have you ever wondered how far it is to the closest supermarket, or just how long that stroll around the neighborhood is? Now you can find out! There are interactive Measuring Tools available to allow a user to measure linear distances and areas anywhere on the map. There are also links to other useful information such as Miami-Dade and Broward bus schedules, SIB shuttle service schedules, and current beach conditions.

The City of Sunny Isles Beach Geographic Information System (GIS) department partnered with Rok Technologies of Charleston, South Carolina to bring this great application to life. The application is built on a cuttingedge, state-of-the-art software platform that is stable and user-friendly. All data utilized by the application is derived and maintained by City GIS staff, and will be updated continuously to bring users the most current data possible.

The map service can be accessed directly via the following URL: or it can be found by visiting and clicking ‘City Maps’ on the left margin and then selecting the hyperlink for ‘City’s GIS application’. Any questions or comments may be directed to Kristy Fritts, GIS Coordinator at

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