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Ocean Rescue Division Manager The City of Sunny Isles Beach Ocean Rescue had its second annual Surf Camp, The program ran from March 29 thru April 2 and was open to kids ages 11 – 16. The Surf Camp is an opportunity for kids on spring break to put down their books, trade them in for a surfboard, have loads of fun in the water, and enjoy the beach and sun. The kids were able to learn an amazing hobby while working out at the same time. Surfing feels like you are actually flying across the surface of the water and taking in all of nature’s elements at the same time. The Surf Camp was instructed by are very own lifeguards Patrick Furelos and Ernest Johnson, who are both avid surfers.

Every morning, the kids would start the day with a warm up exercise, stretching and basic safety tips. As the days went on, they started learning how to paddle a board, standing up, foot position and balance. The junior surfers watched surf videos and built up all the confidence and skills needed to ride.

We were lucky to have gorgeous weather with perfect size waves coming thru for them to practice on. The Jr. Surfers had the biggest smiles on their faces as they paddled into waves and rid them all by themselves. The instructors also talked about beach conditions, possible hazards, types of waves and breaking points. The kids also got to ride Jet Ski with our certified lifeguards. They had a lot of fun working together as teams competing in board relay races, beach flags and so much more.

Towards the end of the session, it was really a great feeling watching them progress and build confidence for a new found hobby. We want to thank Scott, the owner of Island Water Sports for giving gift bags to all the kids. We also want to thank Chip, the owner of American Surf solutions, for giving t-shirts and goodies as well.

The Sunny Isle Beach Ocean Rescue Division works hard at keeping our beach safe and an enjoyable, relaxing place for you to visit. In addition, we really enjoy working with the Cultural & Human Services Department to assist with hosting these types of programs! If you missed Surf Camp, do not worry because our Junior Lifeguard Camp is right around the corner, with even longer sessions this year to fill the request of parents and kids.

This camp is always action-packed! For information about this camp and other programs and services offered by the City of Sunny Isles Beach, call Pelican Park Community Center at 305-792-1706.

And always remember, SWIM NEAR A LIFEGUARD!

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