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(l. to r.) Anca Vilvov, Adm., Frank Cirisano, M.D. and Dea Rushing Pa-C
(l. to r.) Anca Vilvov, Adm., Frank Cirisano, M.D. and Dea Rushing Pa-C.

Women’s Health Rx is a comfortable, safe non-obstetrics environment that is specifically focused on women’s gynecologic health. Services include cervical cancer prevention, menopausal symptom management, contraception, breast health, urinary incontinence management and genetic cancer screenings. The goal at Women’s Health Rx is to educate patients about their gynecologic health and empower them so they can avoid preventable illness and have an improved quality of life.

Let’s face it – women are not generally enthusiastic about Pap testing and gynecology exams. The Women’s Health Rx team recognizes that women are often worried about being uncomfortable or embarrassed about an issue. You may believe that there is no treatment for a particular problem or may be scared about a possible diagnosis. These concerns may have kept you from discussing important issues with your gynecologist or from seeing a gynecologist at all.

The problem is – you could be missing critical opportunities to prevent serious illness. Or you may be living with irritating, sometimes even debilitating symptoms that are affecting your quality of life. There are prevention strategies and treatments available that can help you live a better, happier life.

Cervical cancer prevention

Cervical cancer has been found to be a largely preventable disease. The single most important aspect of cervical cancer prevention is regular Pap testing, which can detect abnormal cells before they become cancerous. In the event that abnormal cells are found on a Pap test, there are effective treatments that can prevent those cells from becoming cancer. Additionally, there are two vaccines currently available to protect females against the HPV types that are most likely to cause cancer. The center’s specialists remind women that routine Pap testing is one of the most powerful actions women can take to prevent cancer.

Vaginal dryness and irritation

Vaginal and vulvar dryness and irritation is a very common issue that affects many women who are peri- or post-menopausal. Typically, vaginal dryness is caused by a lack of lubrication because of decreased estrogen levels. Often, low-grade vaginal dryness can be managed with water-based lubrication. Unfortunately, however, vaginal dryness can progress to serious pain and irritation, cracking, bleeding and possible infections. There are very effective hormone and non-hormone treatments available for vaginal dryness. This is not something that women “just have to live with.”

Painful intercourse

Painful sexual intercourse, known as dyspareunia, is also a fairly common issue and is frequently, but not always, related to vaginal dryness. Like vaginal dryness there are very effective treatments for dyspareunia related to peri- and post-menopausal changes. However, painful sexual intercourse can be a symptom of much more serious health issues like infections, endometriosis or pelvic masses. For women’s overall health status and quality of life, painful sexual intercourse should not be ignored, say the center’s experts.


Insurance companies recognize the value of annual gynecologic examinations. Many insurance plans currently wave their annual co-payment and/or deductible fees for wellwoman annual examinations to encourage women to have these exams annually. Each insurance plan is different and you should inquire with your plan regarding wellwoman examination policies, but you may find that your annual exam maybe free. For more information call the Women’s Health Rx today at(305) 405-0700.

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