Teas For Relaxation: Having a Rest is a Key for Getting Stronger

Michael Jacobs

An herbal tea is a popular drink not just for its pleasant taste but also for its health promoting and healing benefits. One of the most known advantages of drinking tea is on rest and relaxation.

Teas can promote a sound and deep sleep that you need for muscle and bone repair, for instance. But to learn more about the importance of rest and its role in making you stronger, keep reading. Also, you’ll discover the best teas for relaxation.

How Does Drinking Tea Help For Relaxation?

Drinking tea, such as Sir Jason Winters Tea, can improve relaxation.

It is a powerful habit that calms the mind and body for a restful sleep and reduced stress.

Teas can reduce harmful stress’ effects. In fact,   a University College London research pointed the lower level of stress hormones of tea drinkers versus those given tea-like drink had.

A study conducted by City University London psychologists Dr Malcolm Cross and Rita Michaels and commissioned by Direct Line Insurance also revealed that tea reduces stress.

Why stress reduction matters? A calm mind and body achieves better relaxation, and that’s something teas can give.

Following a more relaxed state with less stress, you can also become healthier because of lowered risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

How Often Should You Drink Tea?

But the next question is, “How often should you drink tea?”   According to Harvard Health Publications, you must drink a few cups daily to reap the total benefits of (green) tea.

On the other hand, the University of Maryland Medical Center based its recommendation according to the amount of the active antioxidant polyphenols in the tea.

For this reason, it suggests drinking up to three cups of green tea or having up to 320 milligrams of the antioxidant compound daily.  However, this dosage recommendation varies from brand to brand.

Great Teas for Relaxation

Jason Winters Tea

The two blends, classic and original, from Jason Winters teas offer the same health benefits. This herbal teas promote relaxation and boosted immune system.

The original blend is a combination of red clover, chaparral and herbalene, while the classic blend has herbalene, red clover and sage.

Red clover, one of the herbs in both blends, is known for its healing properties, such as treating skin burns and relieving cold symptoms, such as chest wheezing.

Numi Presence Tea

With each sip, the tea can settle into your awareness’ center because it has the combination of relaxing and cooling ingredients, such as spearmint and lemongrass.

This tea’s mellow blend can also calm your mind especially for its bamboo and blueberry leaf ingredients that can promote mental clarity and calmness.

Chamomile Tea

This herbal tea is loaded with flavonoids and antioxidants that have significant health effects for the human body and has calming and relaxing properties. 

There are also other benefits of drinking chamomile tea. For one, it may improve sleep quality particularly for its apigenin that works by binding to brain receptors, which promote sleepiness, prevent chronic inability to sleep and reduce insomnia.

It is also a natural remedy for insomnia, sleep disorders and sleeping problems because of its tranquilizing and soothing effects, both inducing sleep.   Without even saying, you may be able to solve sleep-related issues with regular chamomile tea consumption.

One study also discovered that those who consume 270 mg of this herb’s extract twice a day for 28 days were able to sleep 15 minutes faster and experienced 33% fewer instances of nighttime awakening versus those who didn’t consume it.

Lavender Tea

This tea is soothing and promoting a better rest.  It has the ability of supporting and calming the nervous system and relieving anxiety as well. 

More about the tea’s effects on the nervous system: Lavender tea can help in rejuvenating the nerves.  It is also able to offer relief from irritation and agitation.

Studies also had it that it can regulate the body’s overall stress level. And if you’re suffering from exhaustion, you should also drink the tea that provides a cleansing energy.

Lavender tea may also help in alleviating mild depression, which is due to stress and exhaustion. The tea is also known to uplift your spirits when feeling sad.

Following an uplifted mood and less stress is a healthy immune system.

Your Key to Getting Stronger

Rest holds the key to a stronger body!  For example, deep sleep aids in strengthening and restoring the normal function of the immune system.  With it, your body will also have a better ability to prevent disease as well as fight off common diseases.

Proper rest also prevents the immune system from overheating caused by periods of strenuous activity, which makes it work harder to repair muscles and joints. Without enough rest, the immune system cannot catch up to your body repair needs.

If you want to boost your immune system and become stronger, you should not miss your daily cup of tea to achieve total relaxation.  Drink up to three times daily and reap the benefits of herbal tea for your mind and body.

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  1. This is very informative! I switched from drinking coffee to drinking green tea after I’ve learned about its proven health benefits. It really does some wonder on your body aside from making you relaxed.


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