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It wasn’t that long ago that most families lived in the same community, generation after generation. As loved ones grew older and needed help with activities of daily life, younger family members could share the responsibilities.  Today, families are often spread out all over the country and beyond. So, when a parent or grandparent needs care and support, or when a care crisis occurs, families may come face to face with the challenge of long distance caregiving.  If this situation sounds familiar, here are some suggestions for understanding family needs and working with friends, relatives, and professional service providers to make sure those needs are met.

Assess the situation- the first step is to be well informed concerning the issues and resources available to a loved one. Frank Dunn, Chief Assessment Officer of the Senior Helpers location in Miami, says “Once you have a feel for this, you can begin figuring out what your role can and should be, even from a distance.”

Know that there is an entire network of eldercare support services to help.  A private care manager can help family assess caregiving needs and coordinate care. Involvement can be on a one-time basis (for example, locating home care services or assisted living).

In-home caregivers can assist with bathing, hygiene, and medication reminders, as well as light housekeeping and transportation to appointments. It’s distressing to be far away when problems arise! But working with the available network of family, friends, and service providers provides greater peace of mind for everyone.

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