Which story is Fake News: Community Newspapers vs. articles by Mayor Scholl


Dear Mayor, Commissioners, etc.:

I read the article in the Sunny Isles Beach Community Newspaper about the Town Center District and the articles written by Mayor Scholl and Commissioner Viscarra in the City’s propaganda machine called SIB Islander.   The articles are attached.  I could not believe how these articles could be so different when it comes to the truth.   I certainly believe from observing the public hearings on July 18 and August 28 that the Community Newspaper’s article is truthful and the articles written by Mayor Scholl and Commissioner Viscarra are fantasies.  In my viewpoint, the City’s articles are fake news because a video tape exists for the July 18 hearing showing Mayor Scholl and  Commissioner Viscarra strongly supporting a plan to upzone the entire Town Center District to benefit the Infinity project.

Videotape does not lie.  I also have a full transcript of the entire public hearing held on July 18.  Since Mayor Scholl and Commissioner Viscarra are trying to hide the truth in their articles, I am planning to release the entire transcript to the public soon if city officials cannot tell residents the truth.   Concerns about the existing buildings on Sunny Isles Boulevard are not the motivation for the Mayor’s upzoning plan.    If the Mayor and elected officials were serious in solving the problems with the existing buildings, the upzoning plan would have never been proposed on July 18.   I have made my position clear on this matter. I agree to support a fix to the problem with the existing buildings if the fix does not involve upzoning the entire Town Center District.

LINK: Community Newspapers Story

LINK: Mayor Scholl’s Story

Each day I am realizing even more the city officials are not serious about working out a solution for the existing buildings unless they are able to find a solution to approve the Infinity project.  I will repeat myself again:  No to any upzoning to approve the Infinity Project!   As you know, I intend to spend significant resources to stop Infinity or any upzoning plan for Infinity.


Raanan Katz

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  1. When elected officials become paid lobbyists for developers and will use their position to rezone for a developers project, that’s a huge problem. We see that in many municipalities and it is always to the detriment of residents that have paid their taxes and invested in that community for a particular lifestyle. No one wants to live in a sardine can, squeezed in, unable to move about. The value of apartments will drop in a concrete jungle, the politicians will eventually leave with full pockets, and the disasters they helped create will remain. Citizens should crowd every commission meeting and unite before it’s too late..

  2. Spot on, Marie!
    It should also be noted that certain elements of all new development must go to various County agencies for approval . For instance, the Water & Sewer Agency has to give their approval that the infrastructure and potable water supply can support the demand created by any given project. How can anyone with even a pea brain accept that the existing infrastructure and our diminishing fresh water supply can support unlimited monstrous development? Yet the County continues to approve. The County could put a stop to the insanity, but instead is part of the problem.
    I believe that we are on course for a crisis that will affect all of us because of approvals for carrying capacity that are given by the County, and should not be, given the cold, hard facts that are ignored. The County uses rediculous criteria for approvals. Traffic studies are absurd. Municipalities should be standing against these garbage studies and approvals, and instead they acquiesce.
    Collusion is the word that comes to mind. We need public officials with integrity and some good lawyers to uphold municipal sovernty and fight against all this garbage.

  3. Ranaan, forget the transcripts and show the community the videotape. There you will see Dana Goldman texting your team from the commission dais. She is being told what to say by your attorneys, whether it’s the right decision or not. When it came time for her to vote on the moratorium she hesitated while looking at your attorney Ottinot who shook his head “no” vigorously. She then voted no. That means she attended the meeting unprepared and instead voted based upon how the meeting went on your side of things. Yes, videotapes don’t lie. What is she getting in return from you? We need to examine why she is so steadfastly supporting you, the largest commercial developer in the city. The mistake will be fixed shortly. She knows that. I think an ethics complaint should be filed against her. Something’s not right.

  4. Ranaan, please please please give it a freakin’ rest! Comm. Viscarra voted yes to give the residents of the St. Tropez relief from the mistake made by the Edelcup/Ottinot team. She voted to be legally compliant. It was the right thing to do. Why attack her? You should meet with the man who came to the commission meeting expressing how worried he is that his condo might not be legal. Legalizing those units is what the 4 commissioners wanted to accomplish that night. But you sandbagged the meeting with BS about the Infinity project which, for the 1,000th time, has been off the table since January. Are you really that thick in the head? Dana Goldman is clueless that you are using her to continue to lie to the masses but she’s OK with it because anytime anyone applauds her and tells her she should be mayor she sucks it right up. Clearly her priorities are not with the best interest of our city. This tells us she can easily be bought by a developer.

      • How do you know Raanan Katz won’t take the opportunity to rebuild and create more density on his property? He hasn’t promised that. And guess what? He never will. Open your eyes!

  5. Raanan, your massive strip malls contribute greatly to the traffic congestion in Sunny Isles. That’s because your customers clog up the south right lane of Collins going in and out. You are blaming one future (delayed) development for traffic congestion when you need to look at YOUR role in creating it. This has been going on for decades and you’ve made it worse. Massive traffic is the only thing you contribute to the city. I can’t think of one thing you donated (other than paying for your name on the school gym which feeds your ego). You even have a street named after you and for what? For creating incredibly unattractive malls with huge (and sometimes flooded) parking lots and roving tow trucks. You’ve done absolutely nothing that benefits Sunny Isles in the way of donations or quality of life. You’ve never donated a park, art or even a tree. In fact, you’ve help destroy the quality of life you are blaming others for destroying. Nice try but we’re not dumb. People are tired of reacting to your obsessive compulsive greedy behavior.

  6. Everyone knows that the only way there will be 9,000 units built in that area is if Ranaan Katz builds them. Why? Because he owns the majority of that land. So I would like to suggest he stop making those accusations against the city because he sounds like a fool.


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