A Cool Experience for NSE/SIB K-8 Students

A Cool Experience for NSE/SIB K-8 Students“What is the weather today?” is a popular question in South Florida. Although it was very warm on Monday, some of the sixth grade students at NSE SIB K8 answered, “Cool.”

That’s because they participated in the Weather on Wheels mobile activities sponsored by MAST Academy.

Students were introduced to the mobile lab topics the previous week with a lesson provided by MAST and taught by our sixth grade teachers. So our young scientists were well prepared for their interactive, hands-on lesson. The Weather on Wheels program is housed in a retrofitted bus complete with computer stations that enable students to explore different weather phenomena from clouds to hurricanes.

Students work in small groups to research the answers to questions relevant to the topic.

In addition to the computer lab, the MAST instructors set up three pop-up tents where students worked collaboratively in small groups to answer scientific questions related to wind speed, humidity, air pressure and temperature. The reaction from the students and teachers was very positive. According to Gabriel Moreira, a sixth grade student at NSE SIB K8, the experience was wonderful. “I enjoyed every minute of it,” Gabriel said.

Following the Weather on Wheels presentation, students will complete the post-site packet that continues to expand their knowledge about weather.

A Cool Experience for NSE/SIB K-8 StudentsThe Weather on Wheels program supports the sixth grade curriculum and provides enrichment activities for our students. It was a cool experience on a very hot and humid south Florida day.

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