Beach Wheelchairs

By Justin Broman….
If you are a resident or a guest in our city and you currently use a wheelchair or you just don’t have enough energy to walk in the sand and enjoy our beach, don’t let it stop you. The Ocean Rescue Division has beach wheelchairs in numerous locations (please see tower locations below) for anyone that would like to use one.

These beach wheelchairs are equipped with large beach tires that make it very easy to roll on the soft sand. If you are interested in spending the day at the beach or just want to take an afternoon stroll, it’s very easy to do so. We just recently added new chairs with umbrellas that include great features, so if you would like to use a beach wheelchair we just ask for an ID to hold until it’s returned.

You may use our chairs during beach operation hours which are currently from 9:30 am – 6:45 pm. Starting November 6 the hours will be from 9:30 am – 4:45 pm. Our lifeguards will happily help you transfer from your chair to ours and watch over your own chair until your day is over. Come on out and roll your way to the shoreline, wet your feet and enjoy! You may ask any working lifeguard on the beach, contact a supervisor or call the Cultural and Human Services Department to reserve a chair at 305-792-1706.


Lifeguard Tower #15
159th Street
Public Beach Access

Lifeguard Tower #16
167th Street
Pier Park

Lifeguard Tower #17
174th Street
Samson Oceanfront Park

Lifeguard Tower #18
180th Street
Public Beach Access

Lifeguard Tower #19
192nd Street
Ellen Wynne Beach Access

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