MDX Toll Rate Caps Help Local Freight Industry

Dear Editor,

2015 was a record year for Miami-Dade County’s two largest economic engines – Miami International Airport (MIA) and PortMiami. Miami International Airport (MIA), #1 in the U.S. for international freight has an economic impact of $32.8 billion and generates about 272,400 jobs to our economy a year.

PortMiami last year welcomed 4.9 million passengers to the Cruise Capital of the World. The Port has an economic impact of approximately $27 billion and generates more than 207,000 jobs a year. Approximately 20,000 vehicles travel to and from PortMiami
on any given day, freight and truck traffic make up about 28%. For the freight industry to continue thriving, a viable transportation system in Miami-Dade County is critical.

Transportation has been at the forefront of a community discussion about ways to reduce traffic congestion in the County, including the use of tolled expressways. The freight industry and its commercial drivers, many of whom are small business owners, rely on tolled expressways like SR 836, SR 112, SR 924, and others to move goods in this community every day. Without these expressways our industry would be crippled – having a disastrous effect on our local economy, including a loss of much-needed jobs.

In collaboration with several freight industry partners and I have been working to find innovative ways to create a tangible impact on our industry. Working closely with MDX, local partners including Seaboard Marine, Salom Transportation, PRO Transportation and Quality Container Transportation, were able to work together to develop the MDX Multi-Axle Discount Program. The program launched in December 2014, capped the SunPass® rate for multi-axle vehicles to the rate for three-axle vehicles, resulting in lower tolls for our industry, making it possible for truckers to make more trips, staying off of surface streets.

The Multi-Axle Discount Program is a viable incentive for truckers to continue using the MDX expressway system designed to provide fast access to PortMiami and MIA while improving traffic flow in downtown Miami. I thank MDX for their collaboration and partnership in helping our community’s vital freight industry continue to thrive.

Jorge Rovirosa

Florida Stevedoring, Inc.
2541 SW 27th Avenue
Miami, FL
305-373-47654 Ext 1403

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