MSMC Dedicates the Lila and Harold Menowitz Comprehensive Breast Center

By Joanna Palmer….
Couple’s support enables Mount Sinai to purchase the newest, most advanced SPEC-CT available

Lila and Harold Menowitz

In a beautiful outdoor ceremony shortly before sunset, Mount Sinai Medical Center paid tribute to Lila and Harold Menowitz by dedicating its comprehensive breast center in their honor on Wednesday, November 10. The dedication took place on Harold Menowitz’s birthday, making it a wonderful tribute to his illustrious life as well as his immense generosity.

“For nearly 20 years, Mount Sinai Medical Center has been the beneficiary of Lila and Harold Menowitz’s generosity,” said Steven D. Sonenreich, president and chief executive officer. “The Menowitz’s gift of support provides the funding necessary for Mount Sinai to purchase the newest, most advanced SPECT-CT system available today.”

SPECT-CT is an advanced molecular imaging technology that combines the anatomic detail of a high resolution CT scan with the sensitive physiologic detail of nuclear medicine in a powerful 3-D form. The new GE Discovery NM/CT 670 will allow doctors to visualize both the form and function of disease and allow them to more confidently diagnose and stage cancer. It also will make surgery and radiation therapy much more precise, and it will further enhance patient safety and workflow.

“Because of Lila and Harold, we will leap far ahead in the earlier detection and treatment of cancer,” Sonenreich said. “And we are extremely grateful.”

A successful real estate developer and investor, specializing in residential and commercial properties in 28 states across the country, Harold Menowitz became a Founder of Mount Sinai in 1991. He later encouraged Lila and his son, Fred, to become Founders, and he endowed his daughter, Carol Penn, granddaughter, Valerie Penn, and his grandson Todd Menowitz as Founders.

In 2007, the Menowitz’s were the honorees of the hospital’s 51ST Annual Founders Ball in recognition of their generosity, and he following year, Mount Sinai named the lobby of its newest medical office building in their honor. The Menowitz’s most recent gift elevates them to the level of Visionary in the Society of Mount Sinai. In addition to naming the comprehensive breast center in their honor, Mount Sinai presented the couple with an elegant Oggetti sculpture, as well as a lovely bouquet of flowers for Lila Menowitz. Surrounded by family, friends and neighbors during the dedication, Harold Menowitz entrusted his son, Fred, with the duty of thanking the hospital and the couple’s well-wishers.

“My father and Lila, as you well know, have been extremely pleased with their association with Mount Sinai Medical Center here in Miami Beach and the entire Menowitz family is honored to be able to contribute to their wonderful facility that you have named in their honor,” he said. “We know that in partnering with the excellent physicians working at the Harold and Lila Comprehensive Breast Center, many lives will be saved and isn’t that the reason for all the efforts made? Maybe someday we will be able to stamp out breast cancer.”

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