Norman S. Edelcup/ Sunny Isles Beach K-8 brings Literature to Life

What an exciting year NSE/SIB K-8 is having! So far this year, four authors have visited our school and presented to the various grade levels. Nothing brings books to life like the author personally telling the students how he created his characters, where his ideas came from and why he likes to write. These visits spark new interest in reading because the students are eager to read the author’s works and see how the stories progress. The students are also motivated to try their own hand at writing after these visits. I am sure a future author of children’s books is sitting in one of our classrooms right now.

In September, Andrew Toffoli visited and introduced our kindergarteners, first, second and third grade students to his historical biographies such as George Washington. Then in October, Mark Pett, author of The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes spoke to our 1st and 2nd graders . In November Mike Knudson, author of Raymond and Grahamseries regaled our students with his stories. Later that month John Tcak, author of Whispers from the Bayshared his story with our fourth and fifth grade students.

Many of our parents, students and teachers attended a presentation by Anna Dewney , author of Llama Llama Red Pajama, when she read from her books at Books and Books in Bal Harbour. The following week the kindergarten classes participated in a read-a-thon and everyone came in red pajamas.

Our young authors are always creating stories, poems and essays. Ms. Cheuiri, art teacher, and Ms. Adler, computer teacher, publish The Painted Brush, devoted to the arts . You can read the entire autumn edition by logging on to the school website. You will be delighted with the art work and features articles as well as the poetry corner. The following is a sample of one student’s writing. The piece is written by Andrea Rendon, an eighth grade student.

Gazillion sacks of skin and bones fill the street
Working for a penny a day in the heat
How does this injustice survive?
Children are just lucky enough to be alive
Several families share one hut
So why is it that we keep our eyes shut?
Ignorance is not an excuse like before
We cannot veil our eyes anymore
This world of anguish is real
And it needs help to heal
One day the earth will cry red
Like a machete smashing through its head
Jesus Christ died for our sins
So why does the government murder with a grin?
Poverty is not a coincidence
It’s a decision of incidence
So little money cartels and prostitution become salvations
It’s rare for girls not to fall for those temp-tations
Too little to ride
Yet those malignant men decide to turn blind
Will you stand by the wicked and claim you’re humane?
Closing your eyes won’t heal the pain
Times claims China’s second is destined to die
Thrown away in a garbage bin
Do you still believe I’d lie?
Take your blinders off and acknowledge reality
We can no longer coexists with this dogmatic mentality
In all places poverty has the same face
Recognize the symptoms
and don’t let society keep your pace

NSE/SIB K-8 will continue to cultivate the creative talents of our students encouraging them to write, draw and play musical instruments. We know the future artists, authors, and musicians are being nurtured in our classrooms every day by our talented teachers.

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